Epcot United Kingdom


Experience the history, sights, sounds, shopping and dining of the United Kingdom in this Epcot World Showcase Pavilion. Epcot United Kingdom is located close to the World Showcase entrance of the park next to Epcot France.

The architecture is a suprisingly pleasing mix of styles from Tudor, Georgian, Regency and Victorian England. Picture the idea that you have of how a perfect scene in a perfect English town looks and this is probably it. You can imagine Mary Poppins (in fact you can see Mary Poppins) walking down a quaint London Street.

Take the time to stroll around the back of the Pavilion and you will find a great place to just sit down on a park bench in the typical English garden square and people watch.

Also don’t miss Anne Hathaway’s Cottage. This is a replica of William Shakespeare’s wife’s cottage in Stratford Upon Avon.

Even though this is quite a large area for a Pavilion unfortunately there is no show or ride attraction. But you can still take some time exploring the shops or enjoying a pint in the traditional British Pub.

Epcot United Kingdom Dining

The Rose and Crown Pub and Dining Room serves traditional British foods and oc course offers a great selection of beers from the United Kingdom. The Rose and Crown offers dining inside and out. The interior is designed like a very traditional Victorian pub – cosy and with a huge bar at the back of the room.

The Rose and Crown serves lunch and dinner. Both menus are essentially the same but the dinner prices are higher. The Rose and Crown is a popular place and not many tables are offered so it is essential that you make Advance Dining Reservations if possible. It is very popular in the evening when diners attempt to snag one of the outside tables – it is one of the best places in World Showcase for watching the Illuminations fireworks. Always ask for a fireworks view if you are going to still be seated at around 9pm when the fireworks start.

< So what is on the menu at The Rose and Crown? You can try Fish and Chips, Bangers and Mash, Shepherd's Pie (a vegetarian version is also available) or opt for a traditional Sunday Roast. Entrees are priced from around $12 to $25 at lunch and $16 to $27 at dinner. The best food on the menu at the Rose and Crown has to be the desserts. The Sticky Toffee Pudding is a favorite. The Bakewell Tart and Chocolate Scotch Cake are also good options. Whilst you are in the United Kingdom you really should sample one of the excellent local beers. Guiness Stout is a popular one well worth a try. You can get this at the restaurant and pub or there is also a beverage stand outside at the front of the Rose and Crown. A yard of ale is particularly popular.

I have to confess that The Rose and Crown is not top of my list when thinking of which Epcot restaurant to dine in. Being a United Kingdom native but living in the US for many years, I do sometimes get nostalgic and want to dine there. Unfortunately when I do I am usually disappointed by the quality of the food. The atmosphere is good, and the service is good too – much better than you would get in your average pub in the United Kingdom! But the quality of the food is pretty average.

Another dining option in Epcot United Kingdom is Yorkshire County Fish and Chips. This is a counter service venue and has outside dining only. If you want to sample the great British traditional fish and chips then this is a good place. The kiosk only serves fish and chips (at $8.19), a side of chips (at $2.69) and shortbread which is a typical English sweet biscuit. You can also get Bass Ale or Harp Lager. This is a good value option for a quick service meal. The lines can get pretty long but they generally move pretty quickly.

Epcot United Kingdom Shopping

As a Brit I do enjoy looking at the shops here because it does remind me of home. The Cadburys chocolate is always a particular favorite for me.

If you are looking for traditional English tea and excellent chocolate then browse around The Tea Caddy. This leads into The Queens Table which sells linens and fine china, including some very fancy teapots. You will also find books which are usually a selection of tourist guides and generally some British Royal Family books. The Magic of Wales has a small selection of jewelry, pottery and candy.

If you are looking for your family crest then look no further than The Crown and Crest. Most names are available and you can have your own family crest as a keepsake. If you want some pub memorabilia then the beer mats are a good value. Fancy a pint glass? Of course you can buy them here. There is also Beatle related merchandise. The themed chess sets are always tempting particularly the Alice in Wonderland set but they are also pretty pricey.

Fancy Good For Lords and Ladies is the place for perfume and body care products. It is also usually the least crowded area of the United Kingdom Pavilion!

The Sportsman Shoppe sells British sports related items, mainly clothing. So if you want your soccer shirt or even a Scottish kilt this is the place to find it.

Children and adults will enjoy The Toy Soldier which has a good selection of British toys with favorites such as Winnie the Pooh, British children’s books and play swords and castles. The back of the store has the Kidcot Fun Stop. This is also the place where character greetings are held. Look for the huge and very comfortable easy chair just at the bottom of the steps which is a great place to sit down and just relax for a few minutes.

Epcot United Kingdom Entertainment

For many years The British Invasion, a Beatles Tribute Band played in the United Kingdom Pavilion. Unfortunately after 15 years of entertaining Epcot guests they have now moved on. They have been replaced by The British Revolution who play such diverse UK music as The Beatles, The Who and Led Zeppelin.

The World Showcase Players are also well worth seeing. They perform at the front of the Pavilion.

The United Kingdom at Epcot is also a good place to meet characters. You can sometimes find Winnie the Pooh and his Friends Tigger, Piglet and Eeyore. Mary Poppins, and Alice in Wonderland often make an appearance at the front of the Pavilion near Anne Hathaway’s Cottage.

The United Kingdom Pavilion in Epcot, although lacking a ride or show is a great place to spend some time when visiting World Showcase. It has great shopping, all those choices of beer and of course the greatest fish and chips in Disney World.

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