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How To Get Dining Reservations for Disney’s Be Our Guest Restaurant

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Disney’s Be Our Guest Restaurant in Magic Kingdom is the hottest reservation in the parks. Located in New Fantasyland inside the Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Be Our Guest Restaurant rivals Cinderella’s Royal Table to win the not so coveted prize of being the most difficult place to secure an Advance Dining Reservation.

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Magic Kingdom - Be Our Guest Ballroom

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However, don’t be put off from trying. Disney’s Be Our Guest serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, so there are plenty of times that you can aim for during your visit.

How To Get a Reservation at Be Our Guest

Here are our tips and tricks to maximize your chance of getting a dining reservation for Disney’s Be Our Guest Restaurant.

Be Our Guest is located inside The Beast’s Castle in Magic Kingdom. It is a truly impressive sight on the outside as well as the inside.

The beautiful dining rooms seat 550 guests in three different areas. The Ballroom is the largest area and some would say the best. The West Wing is our preferred dining area of Disney’s Be Our Guest Restaurant The Rose Room is only generally used for lunch and is our least favorite space.

Be Our Guest is a little different from most other Disney World Restaurants. It is Quick Service for breakfast and lunch, but turns into a full service restaurant in the evening for dinner.

Disney’s Be Our Guest Restaurant Dinner Reservations Tips

Be our Guest - Beauty and the beast

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Dinner reservations are the most difficult ones to get at Be Our Guest.

You have to use one of the Disney Dining Advance Dining Reservation systems to book your reservations. All reservations can be made up to 60 days in advance. You therefore need to be aware of exactly the opening date of your reservation window.

Magic Kingdom - Guardians

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Once you know the date that you can actually start booking your Disney World restaurants you have to be one of the first to actually start booking on that date. You can use any one of these systems:

You can call 407 WDW DINE from 7 a.m. until 10 p.m. This is EST so if you are in any other time zone you have to be aware that you may be getting up early to call! If you are on PST you are going to be starting at 4 a.m.

You can also book via the My Disney Experience website or app. The online reservation systems open up at 6 a.m. EST. We recommend having a trial run with how to do this, before lining up for your crucial Be Our Guest reservation attempt.

Make sure that you know how to log in and are familiar with the system. This will mean that you are able to do it more quickly when you actually try for that crucial reservation.

Always try and book the most difficult and sought after Advance Dining Reservations first. This would include Disney’s Be Our Guest Restaurant, Cinderella’s Royal Table and Le Cellier.

Making advance reservations takes time, particularly if you have a long trip. You want to prioritize the popular ones first, before someone else takes them!

Always be flexible in when you can visit Disney’s Be Our Guest Restaurant. Remember that you will have to give a credit card guarantee at the time of booking. If you see a less than ideal time for Be Our Guest you may want to reserve it and then think about it.

However, we always say don’t hang on to reservations that you don’t need as it isn’t fair to others. Always remember to cancel your credit card guaranteed reservations in time – or you will be $10 per person down.

If you do not get your keep checking back. Sometimes there are cancellations. These can happen at any time, but tend to be close to the reservation date. People tend to hang on to them until just before the credit card cancellation charges start to kick in.

Be Our Guest Breakfast and Lunch Reservations

Be Our Guests is a Quick Service Dining Restaurant for breakfast and lunch. Again, you can reserve this online or by phone 180 days ahead. Disney Hotel Resort guests get the advantage again. You can use the same tactics to maximize your chance of getting a reservation.

Be Our Guest offers breakfast dining before Magic Kingdom opens in the morning. We think this is a great time to go to Be Our Guest restaurant. You will be in the Magic Kingdom early before the crowds arrive. As soon as you finish breakfast at Be Our Guest you can experience the rides in Fantasyland. This will give you a head start for the day. This can be a good time to ride Seven Dwarves Mine Train before the lines build up.

Another great feature is that you can pre-order your lunch or breakfast online. You can do this starting from 30 days in advance of your Be Our Guest dining reservation. This saves a lot of time when you are actually in the restaurant.

If you have pre ordered at Be Our Guest you just go straight to the cashier desk to pay for your meal. If you haven’t pre-ordered you have to stand in line to use the automatic kiosks to order. We highly recommend pre-ordering to save time.

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Have you got any tips of how to get a dining reservation at Be Our Guest?