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Is Finding Nemo 2 Coming Soon?

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Almost ever since the huge success of the Disney Pixar movie Finding Nemo was released there has been speculation about whether a sequel would ever be made. Now talk of a Finding Nemo 2 sequel is reaching new heights with reports that the original Nemo director Andrew Stanton has signed on to direct a follow up movie.

However let’s not get too excited right now as Andrew Stanton tweeted “Didn’t you all learn from Chicken Little? Everyone calm down. Don’t believe everything you read. Nothing to see here now. #skyisnotfalling”.

So much has been said about giving Andrew Stanton “another chance” at live action movies after the box office disappointment John Carter. The Press in general was merciless in it’s attack on the actually not bad at all John Carter movie. It was killed in print before it ever really had a chance. And many conveniently forget that Andrew Stanton has been a major driving force behind some of the most successful movies of all time including directing Finding Nemo and Wall-e as well as co writing all the Toy Story movies and Monsters Inc. Not too much of a stretch then to give him a ‘second chance’ at something!

We would all love to see a Finding Nemo 2. With box office to date of $867 million for Finding Nemo it has to be more than tempting to Pixar to go for the sequel. The Finding Nemo DVD is one of the best selling of all time with sales of around 40 million copies. And of course let’s not forget the merchandise sales which have been huge ever since the original Finding Nemo movie was released in 2003.

The only Pixar sequels which have been released to date are of course the incredibly successful Toy Story movies. Next year will see the release of the very first Pixar prequel, Monsters University. But will we really see a Finding Nemo 2? At the moment all we can do is hope and dream. Andrew Stanton’s tweet seems pretty clear that at the moment – don’t believe the rumors! The reason why Pixar has been such a success is not by chasing the money. But by the huge steps it has taken in the development of animation – but more than anything in having a great story. Of course no one at Pixar is going to go ahead with a Finding Nemo sequel until they are happy that they have a great story.

Let’s concentrate on the things we are certain that we can look forward to. These are the confirmed Disney Pixar movie future releases:

Monsters University June 21st 2013

The Good Dinosaur May 30th 2014

Untitled Movie (Theme that takes you inside your mind) June 19th 2015

Untitled Movie (About Dia de los Muertos) 2015

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Tuesday 24th of July 2012

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