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Magic Kingdom WiFi Connected

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Walt Disney World looks to the future and unveils, without any announcement, the new free WiFi connectivity in Magic Kingdom.

In the past guests have found the internet connection in the happiest place on earth rather lacking.

Personally, we never go anywhere without an iPhone and get nervous if I can’t get a connection for any length of time so this is great news for us.

According to reports, free WiFi will be available in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Epcot, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and Downtown Disney by early 2013.

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Visitors to Magic Kingdom can now connect to the free Disney Guest system after accepting their terms and conditions. No more having to leave the park to post those Photos to Facebook, Tweet your favorite rides.

The Walt Disney World resort hotels already have free WiFi. We only wish that more hotels would take this step of giving guests free WiFi and free parking as Disney World does. Those extra charges are incredibly annoying for guests and really should become a thing of the past.

So why the move by Disney World towards complete WiFi connectivity in its parks and hotels?

Not only to provide a better service to guests but also as part of the move towards the implementation of the Disney NextGen system.

Details are still very much under wraps but of course, there is a lot of talk about how Disney parks will move towards offering an online Fast Pass system in the future.

There is speculation that guests in Disney World resort hotels will be able to schedule rides and attraction times before they even leave home to visit the parks.

RFID posts have been noticed springing up around the Magic Kingdom recently.

They are still covered right now but it is thought that the NextGen Fast Pass system will be rolled out sometime in the middle of August.

It is thought that at first these will be to connect a Fast Pass system to the Mobile Magic app so that guests can get Fast Passes via their cell phones.

You won’t have to have a cell phone to use the NextGen system as this can be accessed via any keycard type device as well (like the new type of hotel keys where you just wave the key card in front of the door).

We are sure that the next couple of months is going to see extensive testing of this new NextGen system.

The results are certainly going to be interesting – and hopefully will lead to reduced wait times at the attractions.

Just as Walt Disney was a pioneer the NextGen concept will hopefully lead the way in theme park guest experience technology and make the Disney experience even more magical.

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Thursday 2nd of August 2012

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