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Once Upon A Time Season 5 Will Hook And Regina Save Emma?

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We all know from the finale of Season 4 of Once Upon A Time that Emma has turned to the dark side. But what plans do the writers of Season 5 of Once Upon A Time have for Emma now she is the Dark Swan?

How will her new dark side change Emma’s relationship with Hook. It seems that Regina will have both dark and light sides in the new Season 5. Let’s face it she has had many changes of heart as to whether to turn to good or evil but our guess is that in Season 5 Regina will do everything in her not inconsiderable power to return Emma to the good side.


Emma Swan’s new dark side is bringing some dramatic new costume changes. Gone are the jeans and that, to be honest, tired leather jacket. Now Emma has a whole new dark look on Season 5 and as this picture from Entertainment Weekly shows some amazingly high heels. The powers of dark magic obviously also give Emma the ability to walk in very very high heels.

once-upon-a-time season 5

Emma also has a more relaxed choice of clothing (we are guessing with a much more sensible shoe choice) as this picture from Entertainment Weekly shows. Interesting Rumple is shown in the background. Will he be encouraging Emma’s change to the dark side? Mr Gold was last seen in Season 4 being put into a coma to save him when the darkness was expelled from him. But here we see Rumple. Robert Carlyle has said that “Rumple’s not in a coma. Gold’s in a coma.” It would seem that fortunately for Rumple fans he is alive and well and will play a part in Season 5.

Once Upon a Time” is set to premiere its first episode, “The Dark Swan,” on Sunday, Sept. 27 at 8 p.m. on ABC.