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Princess Cruise Drink Package – Is It Worth It [Updated 2021]


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There are a number of different Princess Cruise Drinks Packages available for purchase. Are they worth the money?

Princess Cruise Lines has also introduced Princess Plus.

This is a more all-inclusive pricing system where you pay a set amount more each day. It includes the Premium Beverage Package along with some other perks such as wi-fi.

For most guests, Princess Plus is good value – but there are some exceptions that we will discuss below.

Princess Cruise Drink Package Options

This guide shows you the drink prices and menus so that you can work out whether or not a Princess Cruise Drink Package is worth it for you.


There are five types of drinks packages now available on all Princess cruises:

  • The Premium Beverage Package
  • The Soda Package
  • The Premium Coffee and Soda Package
  • The Coffee Grounds Package
  • The Princess Plus Package which includes the Premium Beverage Package.

Which Drinks are Free on a Princess Cruise?


Before we start looking at what all the different Princess Beverage Packages include, it is important to know which drinks are free.

Some drinks are already included with your Princess Cruise.

According to the Princess Cruise website, these are

  • Brewed Coffee
  • Iced Tea
  • Fruit Flavored Drink
  • Lemonade
  • Non-Bottled Water
  • Hot Tea
  • Fruit Juice and Milk in the mornings

You may discover that these aren’t that easy to find on most Princess ships though!

However, in my experience, these are only available at certain locations, such as the buffet. Often there is another location on the pool deck tucked away in the corner somewhere!

Free Brewed Coffee is available in all restaurants and the Horizon Court Buffet.

Princess cruise lines still win my own personal award for “worst tasting coffee at sea”. The taste of this does seem to have improved recently, but it still isn’t great!

You can also order brewed coffee from Room Service for free, but remember always to tip your Server. 


If you want freshly brewed coffee I would highly recommend a New Grounds Coffee Package where you can have unlimited amounts from International Cafe (see below).

Non-Bottled Water is available everywhere on the ship including restaurants and bars. I have only seen Lemonade available at lunch at the Buffet.

I have also seen Orange Juice available in the mornings at the restaurants and the Buffet.  

Can You Take Your Own Wine on a Princess Cruise?

You can also take one bottle of wine per adult onboard a Princess cruise with you without being charged.

If you take an additional bottle you will be charged a corkage fee at the port of $15 per bottle.

Usually, there is a table just after you go through security where you will be directed to pay the wine corkage fee if you have more than one bottle each.

If you are taking a bottle of wine with you, always remember to pack this in your carry-on luggage.

This Wine Sleeve is really useful for protecting a bottle in your carry-on.

Never try to sneak wine onboard a cruise. It’s against the rules and they will find it and confiscate it. Just don’t even try.

What are the Princess Cruise Drinks Packages?


There are a number of different Princess Cruise Drinks Packages to choose from.

It can get a bit confusing as to which one to choose, particularly if you are sailing on your first cruise.

Princess Cruise Premier Beverage Package

The Princess Premier Beverage Package is priced at $59.99 per day plus an 18% gratuity is added automatically.

This means that $70.79 will be charged to your onboard account each day.

If you are sailing from and returning to Australia and New Zealand the Premier Package is priced at AUD $86.99 per day including the service charge.

The Premier Package is only offered on Australian sailings of 7 days or more. 

The Premier Beverage Package includes a wide selection of drinks on your Princess Cruise.

It includes:

  • Fountain Soda
  • Small Bottled Water
  • Mocktails
  • Red Bull Products
  • Cocktails
  • Coffee and Tea including Specailty Items
  • Beer
  • Spirits
  • Beer
  • Wine by the Glass

You will also receive a souvenir drinks tumbler with your Premium Beverage Package purchase.

All drinks with a price of $12 or less on the beverage menus are included.

For sailings that depart from and return to Australia and New Zealand, the price limit is $16 AUD.

Is a Princess Cruise Drinks Package Worth It_ (2)

The package excludes bottles of wine, but you will be given a 25% discount if you decide to purchase a bottle.

Unless you are particularly wanting to try a bottle of wine that is not offered by the glass, this isn’t really a great use of your Beverage Package. 

You will also get a 25% discount on canned soda, bottled juice and one-liter bottles of water.

As you can have the 500 ml bottles of water included in the package I am not sure why you would want to buy a large bottle, when you could have the smaller ones which are included!

The one exception to this is that if you are dining in one of the specialty restaurants such as the Crown Grille, a liter bottle of still or sparkling water is included with your Package.

You can use the Package at all food and beverage venues, including those on Princess Cruises private island, and at the theater onboard the ship.

You cannot use it for Room Service and Mini Bar items.

How Do You Buy the Princess Premier Beverage Package?

You can buy it online via your Princess Cruise Personalizer up to four days prior to boarding your Princess ship.

It is also offered on the first day of sailing when you are onboard.

There are no refunds once you have bought the Package. 

You are limited to 15 alcoholic beverages per day. This is counted in a 24 hour period which runs from 6 am until 6 am.

Also, if any passenger appears to have had one too many alcoholic beverages they can be refused service. 

There is no limit to the amount of non-alcoholic beverages you can have on the Princess Cruise Drinks Package.

If you want 20 lattes then that’s allowed. Probably not very advisable though!

Princess doesn’t have the rule that some other cruise lines have, that every adult in your stateroom has to buy the Package.

It is fine for just one guest in the cabin to have the Package.

What you can’t do though is share. If you are caught sharing you will have your Premier Package revoked.

Just don’t do it.

Princess Classic Soda Package

The Classic Soda Package includes fountain sodas, fresh juices (if available), mocktails, and smoothies.

If you buy this you also get one souvenir tumbler per Package.

The cost of the Classic Soda Package is $11.79 per day for all itineraries except Australia where it is AUD $15.33 per day. These charges include gratuities.

Here is the Princess Cruises Mocktail Menu. All of the Mocktails are priced at $5.50 each.

Therefore, if you are thinking that you will drink a couple of mocktails and a fountain soda every day you will save money with the Princess Classic Soda Package.

There are certain items that are excluded namely bottled or canned items, specialty or premium coffees, and teas, hot chocolate, ice-cream-based drinks, or any items offered in Retail Venues or Shops onboard.

Room Service and Mini Bar items are also excluded.

Premier Coffee and Soda Package


The Premier Coffee and Soda Package includes:

  • Specialty and Premium Coffee and Tea
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Fountain Sodas
  • Fresh Juices (if available)
  • Gong Cha items (if available)
  • Frappes at Coffee and Cones
  • Mocktails
  • Smoothies
  • Red Bull Producs
  • Milk Shakes (if available)

You also get one souvenir tumbler per Package. 

This Premier Coffee and Soda Package is priced at $23.59 per person per day. 

The Coffee and Soda Package gives you a 25% discount on bottles of water of any size, canned items such as soda, or bottled juices (if available).

The rules are the same for all the packages – it is only for the person it is purchased for and it is not transferable.

Also, it can’t be used for Room Service or Mini Bar items, bottled or canned items, or any items offered in Retail Venues or Shops onboard.

New Grounds Coffee Package

I think that this is one of the best values of all the Princess Cruise Drinks Packages.

For $36.58 per person, this Coffee Package gives you 15 hot or cold specialty coffee drinks.

This includes a 15% gratuity as the basic cost is $31. 


You can also have unlimited amounts of brewed coffee and premium tea. Free brewed coffee is available in the restaurants and buffet but it is 


As you can see from the prices on the menu you could soon get to the $31 mark if you are enjoying large-sized specialty drinks.

The most expensive on the menu is $5, so once you have had 6 of those you are almost into savings. 

If you had 15 Barista Coffee Fusion drinks at $3.75 each this would be $56.25 so your savings are almost half. 

If you are a coffee drinker this is definitely worth looking into.

This package differs from the other Princess Cruise Beverage Packages because you can use it for more than one person. 

The 15 drink package is available regardless of how many nights your Princess Cruise is sailing for.

I think it is particularly good value on a 7-night cruise or longer. I have sailed on the 5-night cruises have struggled a bit to use the 15 drink allocation. It used to be that if you didn’t use them you could save the card for the next cruise – however, this is no longer allowed.

If there are two of you using the New Grounds Coffee Package that is a specialty coffee every day for each of you, with one leftover.

You can also have as much brewed coffee and premium tea as you want. This is so much better than the option from the buffet which ranges from undrinkable to just pretty bad.

What is Princess Plus?

Princess Plus is a relatively new option on Princess Cruises. And it is one which gives exceptionally good value for most guests.

It includes:

Premier Beverage Package with service charge included

Unlimited Wi-Fi. This includes Princess Cruise Lines’s best internet package. This means you can check email, text, stream video and online television and even keep up with writing your blog,

Full crew incentive. All tips for the crew are taken care of. You can of course add additional gratuities at your discretion if you wish.

All Princess Cruises now have two booking options. Princess Plus or Saver.

To add Princess Plus at the moment is $40 per day per person.

The value of Princess Plus is $95.

For most guests, unless you do not use the internet at all and only drink the free beverages, the Princess Plus option is a no-brainer.

It will save you money.

Drink Prices on Princess Cruises


The way to work out whether or not a Princess Cruise Drinks Package is a good idea for you is to see how much the drinks you are likely to purchase actually cost from the menu. 

Here are the Princess Drinks Menus with prices from the Royal Princess and were last updated in February 2020.

I believe they are still the same now that Princess cruises are sailing again.

Most of the Beers and Ciders are priced around the $6.25 to $6.75 mark.


This is the Princess Cruise Wine Bar list which can be found in all of the bars on the ship.


There are additional selections available in certain locations such as Vines.


Most of the cocktails on a Princess Cruise are priced around $8.50.


The Martinis are priced a little higher at mostly around the $10 price point.


The mojitos are some of the best-value alcoholic drinks on a Princess Cruise as they are priced at $7.50.

The Pineapple Mojito is particularly good.


The 24K Gold Margarita is an excellent choice.

All the Margarita drinks on the menu are priced at $9.75


The Teas and Lemonade based cocktails are some of the most expensive at $10 each.

You really have to try the Beverly Hills Iced Tea.

howmucharedrinkson princesscruise

The Paradise Punch is a great drink to have by the pool.

tropical cocktailsprincesscruise

If Frozen Cocktails are more your thing then here is the selection available on Princess Cruise Ships.

If you love chocolate you have to try the Dirty Banana.


Princess Cruise Elite Lounge Drinks

If you are a Platinum of Elite Princess level you will be invited each night to a reception that includes discounted cocktails.

The Princess loyalty program has some of the best perks of any cruise line, and the reception is a really nice perk.

There is always a good selection of snacks available and the discounted cocktails are a good value.

I am particularly a fan of the Deep Sea!

princess cruise elite lounge drinks

Is Princess Cruise Drink Package Worth It?


You can easily sail on a Princess Cruise and not purchase a Drinks Package and just have the drinks that are included and just supplement that with purchasing additional drinks that you may want.

However, in certain circumstances, a Princess Cruise Drink Package really will save you money.

I have always had the New Grounds Coffee Package as it quickly becomes a money saver on a 7-night cruise.

For anything less than a 7-night cruise you may find that it is difficult to use your allocation of 15 drinks, so you need to think about whether it is worth it or not for shorter cruises.

Is the Princess Cruise Premier Beverage Package worth the money? At $59.99 per day, this can be a good choice, particularly if you are likely to order more than 5 Premium Cocktails or glasses of wine. 

If you enjoy soda and mocktails the Princess Classic Soda Package can also be a good value.

With mocktails at $5.50 each and the package for $11.79 if you have 2 a day you are already making savings.

It is always a very individual choice as to whether a cruise drinks package will save you money.

Princess Cruises is one of the best values for drinks packages with the break-even point coming earlier than with some other rival cruise lines.

What is your experience with a Princess Cruise Drinks Package? Did it save you money?

Is a Princess Cruise Drinks Package Worth It_

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Monday 3rd of February 2020

The only misleading thing about the drink package is they tell you it’s good from 6am to 6am. Not true because all the bars close at 2am & the package does not include drinks ordered with room service! They really need to reword the package times!

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