Princess Merida in Disney’s Magic Kingdom and Disneyland


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Princess Merida has arrived in Disney World Magic Kingdom and Disneyland for a meet and greet with guests. The new Disney Princess Merida meet and greet location is to the right of Cinderella’s Castle inside the Fairytale Garden.

In the true spirit of the sentiment that Merida is very much an ‘action’ Princess you will not only be able to meet her but there is also a chance to brush u on your archery skills.

In Disneyland you can find Princess Merida close to It’s A Small World, opposite Disney Princess Fantasy Faire.

I have to admit that at first I was a little skeptical as to how well the Merida character would translate to ‘reality’ in the Disney parks. But judging from the feedback and all the already huge popularity of the Merida costumes this looks like it is going to be a merchandising hit for Disney Pixar. This level of interest even before the movie is out is a great sign.

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Princess Merida seems to be a great role model for young girls. Gone are the days when a Princess has to sit around and wait for a Prince to save her. Yes I adore Cinderella but only if I don’t stop to think about what a difficult message that is to grow up with. Princess Merida is one of the new age of Disney Princesses – and a first female lead for a Disney Pixar movie.

It seems certain that Princess Merida is going to be a huge hit at the movies, and that there will be plenty of guests wanting to see her at Disney World and Disneyland. Perhaps even shoot an arrow with her…..

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