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The Muppets at Disney World

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The Muppets have had a permanent home in Disney World with their own theater for the show Muppet Vision 3D in Disney’s Hollywood Studios since 1991. If you haven’t yet seen The Muppets new movie then I highly recommend that you do. I admit that although I watched The Muppets as a child and always enjoy Muppet Vision 3D I was rather reluctant to go the the movie theater to see the new movie. But my kids really wanted to go. And I am really glad that they did because this really is a great movie for all the family.

Photo by expressmonorail

The Muppets movie story is that the old gang has long since split up and gone their separate ways. Walter, a pupppet, his brother Gary played by Jason Siegel (definitely not a puppet) watch old episodes of The Muppets. They decide to take a road trip to LA with Gary’s girlfriend May (Amy Adams). The most important stop on their itinerary is the old Muppet Theater which is now very run down and neglected.

Walter learns of an evil plot to tear down the Muppet Theater. The only way to save it is if the old gang get back together for one final show. There are lots of funny moments which work for the kids and the grown ups. Walter and Kermit go on a quest to find The Muppets. Fozzie is in a tribute act The Moopets, Gonzo is a very successful businessman, and of course Miss Piggy has a very high profile job in the fashion world. It is just one of those movies which makes you smile, and even laugh out loud.

So I wonder how this will impact on the Muppet presence in Disney World. Muppet Vision 3D is a great attraction at Disney Hollywood Studios. It is popular but rarely is the wait more than 20 minutes as the capacity of the theater is usually enough to handle the amount of guests waiting in line. Guests are treated to a very funny pre show and then make their way into a replica of The Muppet Theater. Then a 3D movie featuring all your favorites, and of course Statler and Waldor heckling from the balcony.

Perhaps the success of the movie will mean the show at Disney Hollywood Studios becomes even more popular. This movie will have brought The Muppets to the attention of a whole new generation. The most likely effect will be longer wait times and more merchandise in the stores. There is already a small part of the store next to the attraction which is devoted to The Muppets but likely with the success of the movie Disney will have more merchandise in other stores around the parks. Hopefully they will be featured more. That would be great for Muppet fans young and not so young!