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Uber from LAX to Disneyland Updated 2023

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Are you thinking of taking an Uber from LAX to Disneyland? If you are arriving at Los Angeles airport and visiting the Happiest Place on Earth you need to know how to get from LAX to Disneyland. 

One of the best options is to take an Uber from LAX to Disneyland. 

Uber from LAX to Disneyland – What You Need to Know

Uber from LAX to Disneyland

Distance from LAX to Disneyland

How far is it from LAX to Disneyland? The driving distance is 33 miles.

This might sound like a relatively short distance – and it is. However, it can take a considerable time to drive from LAX to Disneyland.


The LAX to Disneyland drive time is hugely dependant upon traffic.

Los Angeles is notorious for its heavy traffic at most times of the day, with peak hours between 6 am and 10 am in the morning and 230 pm to 630 pm in the afternoon.

In moderate traffic, the LAX to Disneyland drive time will be around 45 minutes. In heavy traffic, this could increase to around 90 minutes.

If you want to learn about alternatives to LAX you should read Which Airport is Best for Disneyland?


How Much Is An Uber From LAX to Disneyland?


Here are the estimated costs of an Uber from LAX to Disneyland in September 2023:

Uber X $73.90

WAV $62.90

Comfort Electric $114.30

Comfort $83.22

Uber XL $114.36

Uber Pet $78.10

Select $114.50


Black $213.10

Black SUV $257.78

Lux $321.44

Remember that all of these prices are estimates and will vary according to time of day and demand. If you request an Uber at a busy time you will pay a higher rate.

New rules for Uber in California mean that you will now be given a “price range” estimate.

In other words, you can no longer exactly predict the price of your uber in California before the end of the journey.

Can Uber Pick You Up at LAX?

Fortunately, LAX does allow Uber to pick up directly on site. However, this is only for Uber Black, Black SUV, or Lux.

If you select any other option including UberX, XL, Comfort, Select, or Pool, you will have to walk or take the shuttle to the UBer-it pickup point.

Really, having traveled from LAX many times the traffic outside the airport is an absolute nightmare! I can see why the more efficient system is to have a set point for Uber pick-up.

In theory, the Uber shuttles arrive every 5 minutes. In practice that varies! Anyone who has ever been to LAX will know what I mean!

There are a number of different Uber shuttle pickups at LAX. If you want Uber X your pick-up is curbs 2,3 or 4. 

If you just want to make it easier for an Uber from LAX to Disneyland request an Uber Black or Uber Black SUV so that you can get picked up directly outside LAX. The cost, of course, is more, but you may want to pay for the convenience.

Is an Uber From LAX to Disneyland a Good Option?

Disneyland Attractions to Avoid

I have many years of experience traveling from LAX and using Uber. I have tried other options and Uber usually wins. 

Your other option is to rent a car from LAX.

If you are traveling internationally and arriving from another country I would suggest you really think about this.

Driving in LA is difficult. Traffic is best described as horrendous and unless you are used to driving in US cities just avoid it.

Also, if you are flying in from Europe you will be experiencing jet lag, so you really don’t want to get on an LA freeway in a rental car when you have no clue what time zone you are in.


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