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Walt Disney Quote Of The Week

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If You Can dream It You Can Do It

Walt Disney Quote of the Week. This has to be one of the most iconic of all the Walt Disney Quotes.

Walt Disney certainly was a man with a dream. After overcoming several hurdles and setbacks, which would have driven most people to simply stop trying, Walt built one of the most successful animation studios in history.

He had a vision and he always stuck to that vision, no matter how difficult is seemed. When he lost first highly successful character, Oswald the Rabbit, he created Mickey Mouse. When everyone told him he was foolish to make a full length animated feature, he persevered and made one of the most successful animated movies of all time.

Walt had a huge dream that he wanted to build a place where adults and children could spend time together and have fun together. He noticed that a lot of activities for children were ones that they did for themselves and the adults just watched. He wanted a place where every age could have fun together.

The realization of Walt’s ultimate dream was Disneyland. He certainly had some major setbacks on the way, but he kept going. Raising the money was almost impossible and he certainly couldn’t have done this without his brother Roy. Disneyland opening day certainly didn’t go as planned, and there were lots of mistakes that he made.

However, Walt Disney always wanted to improve on things. He saw Disneyland as a work in progress which would never be finished. He also learned a huge amount from the mistakes that he made with Disneyland – that is why he made sure that he secretly purchased enormous amounts of land in the Orlando area before anyone knew that he had plans to build a theme park there. Disney World is even more the realisation of Walt’s Dream because it improves so much opon the original Disneyland.

If only he could have seen Walt Disney World, but sadly he died in 1966, which was 5 years before his Florida park was opened. It is amazing to think that the whole of the Disney Empire was built from one man’s dream and pursuit of his vision along with his brother Roy.