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Walt Disney World Vacation Packages

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What are the different options for Walt Disney World Vacation Packages? You can often save time by booking a Disney vacation package so here is a guide to the choices that you have when you book a vacation at Walt Disney World.

Will A Walt Disney World Vacation Package Save Me Money?

One of the most important things to remember is that whilst a vacation package can be the most convenient way to book, sometimes it is not the least cost option. That depends upon the features that you want and the Disney World vacation package discounts available at the time you are visiting.

You can book just a hotel room at the Walt Disney World resort. There is plenty of choice, ranging from the Value Resorts like the All Star Movies Resort, right through to the ultimate in luxury with a Deluxe Hotel like the Disney Grand Floridian Resort and Spa. To help you choose here is a guide to the Walt Disney World Hotels.

If you want to add on options to your Walt Disney World hotel stay there are a number of packages available.

Walt Disney World Magic Your Way Package

EPCOT Spaceship Earth

This basic package offers Disney World resort hotel rooms and base Disney World tickets for each of your party.

Disney prices their tickets much more attractively for longer stays. A 7 day ticket costs just dollars more than a 4 day ticket. So the longer you stay the less the per day ticket price is. But buying the tickets as part of a package will not save you any money over just buying your tickets separately in advance. So unless there is a special offer this package will not save you money over just buying the hotel room and tickets separately.

Disney Magic Your Way Plus Quick Service Dining Package

The Disney dining package is a very popular option. For good reason because it can save you a lot of money. But there is one package which really won’t save you anything and that is the Quick Service Dining Package. Useful only for budgeting but you may actually end up spending more with this package.

The Disney Quick Service Dining Plan costs $34.99 per adult and $11.99 for a child aged 3 to 9. This plan will allow you two quick service meals and two snacks per person, per package night. You will also get a resort refillable mug per person. My advice is don’t be tempted by this plan unless of course it is included free with a hotel room booking which sometimes has been offered.

Disney Magic Your Way Package Plus Dining

Here you can make some real savings if you plan to eat at Disney full service restaurants. The price is not too much more than the Quick Service Plan but offers much better value.

Disney has 2 prices depending upon the season. The cost is $45.99 or $47.99 per night per adult, $11.99 or $12.99 per night per child. The higher cost is at more popular times of the year such as Holidays.

The Disney Dining plan offers considerable value over paying for the meals separately. This includes one full service dining, one counter service meal, one snack and a resort refillable mug. Note that gratuities are not included in any of the Disney dining plans.

Disney’s Magic Your Way Plus Deluxe Dining Plan

EPCOT France Pavillion

If you want to make sure that all the food you can possibly eat and a whole lot more is covered then this is the Disney dining plan for you. Realistically this gives you more food than most people would want to eat so you want to seriously think about whether this option is for you. The cost for adults is $78.99 per person per night and children aged 3-9 are $21.99.

The Disney Deluxe Dining Plan gives you 3 meals which can be Quick Service or Full Service, 2 snacks, and a resort refillable mug.

Disneys Magic Your Way Premium Package

This will give you a lot of things included but not always at the least cost. There dining is the same as the Deluxe Dining Plan at 3 meals, 2 snacks and a resort refillable mug. You also have a lot of recreational options included such as golf, guided fishing excursions, water sports, and tennis. Unlimited use of Disney Hotel Children’s Activity Centers. Admission to La Nouba and most theme park tours such as Keys to the Kingdom and the Simply Segway Experience. You will also get a Disney Photopass portrait session.

A whole lot is included in this package. The cost is $169 for each adult per day and $119 each child per day.

Disney Magic Your Way Platinum Package

If you are looking for the ultimate Walt Disney World vacation package then the Platinum offers you everything you could possibly be looking for. At a cost of course. The Platinum Package costs $229 per adult per day and $160 per child per day in addition to the cost of the basic Magic Your Way Package. If you want to make sure that the cost of pretty much everything you can imagine on your Disney World vacation is already taken care of then this is the one for you. But really it may be difficult to get great value out of this package as there are only so many hours in the day! But if money is of secondary consideration then it does offer a huge amount of extras.

So what is included in the Walt Disney World Platinum Package? You will get everything in the Premium Package plus a whole lot more. Alss included is pre-arrival planning service, Fantasmic reserved seating, a fireworks cruise, reserved seating at Fantasmic!, selected spa treatment per guest, upgraded Disney dining options, which include Victoria & Albert’s restaurant, and even some room service options.

Does a Walt Disney World Vacation Package give you better value and save you money? Really the best package for this is the Magic Your Way Plus Dining option. This does save you money on dining. The other packages you will have to think very carefully about. They certainly give you convenience but whether or not they really save you money is debatable and will vary according to how your family will actually use the included benefits.

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