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Which Is The Best Day To Visit Walt Disney World Florida?

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Which is the best day to visit Walt Disney World Florida? When you go on a Disney World vacation it is very important to use your time wisely – and it really can make a big difference as to which park you pick for each day of your visit.

The question of which day you should visit Disney World is unfortunately not that straight forward. But there are ways that it is possible to predict which Disney Parks will be the busiest on each particular day. But remember, this is an art, not a science.

You have to consider first the time of year of your Disney World visit, and then the particular day within that visit.

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Which are the Busiest and Quietest Times Of The Year at Walt Disney World Florida

As you would imagine the most crowded times of the year are Christmas, New Year and the two weeks around Easter break. Holidays are always busy and July 4th weekend is one of the most popular times to visit Walt Disney World.

The busiest times are of course school vacations. School is out in the US for summer vacation from mid June to mid August.

The later weeks in August tend to be much less crowded although there are many British visitors as their school break extends into late August/early September. So if you are arriving from the UK those last 2 weeks in August are a much better choice than the first 2 weeks.

Of course we don’t all have the luxury of being able to choose a time outside of school vacation to visit Walt Disney World. On the positive side the busiest times at the Disney parks will also have extended operating hours and have extra parades and firework displays.

Planning your Disney World vacation goes a very long way. Just the simple step of looking at the layout of the parks and having an idea of which of the attractions interest you most,can help a lot in saving time when you arrive at Disney.

Fast Passes are also huge time savers.

Moderately Crowded Times at Walt Disney World

The parks are also likely to be busy during other major school and college breaks.

Spring Break is often around the same time at Easter break so the parks will be busy from mid March until mid April.

President’s Day until the end of February is a moderately busy time at Disney

Memorial Day Weekend is always very well attended.

Thanksgiving Week is usually very very busy.

Quieter Times to Visit Walt Disney World

There are definitely quieter times to visit Walt Disney World. The downside is shorter park opening hours.

The first 2 weeks of February are good up until mid February.

The final 2 weeks of April right up until mid June tend to be good. If Easter is late then try and delay your visit in April until after the school vacation is over.

October until the week before Thanksgiving is usually a quieter time.

The Best Months to Visit Walt Disney World

The quietest times are in January after the first week is over and the kids have gone back to school.

The first 2 weeks of December are a great time to visit. Not only are the crowds low but you also get to see all of the Christmas and Holiday decorations. The one downside can be the weather. It really does get cold sometimes in Florida.

If you want to beat the crowds this really is the best time to visit,although you will experience shorter park opening hours, and not as many scheduled fireworks and parades.
Which are the Best Days to Visit Disney World?

Which Are The Best Days Of the Week To Visit Each Disney World Park?

Once you have decided the time of year that you are going to visit then you should be aware that certain days are more likely to be busy in certain parks.

Magic Kingdom Saturday, Sunday and Monday

Epcot Wednesday and Friday

Disney Hollywood Studios Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday

Disney Animal Kingdom Monday, Tuesday and Friday

How Do Disney Resort Guests Extra Magic Hours Affect Park Attendance?

On certain days of the week Disney resort guests can enter the park earlier or leave the park later than non Disney guests. This has an impact on park attendance. If there is an Extra Magic Hour in the park in the morning then you should avoid that park that day if you can.

Another factor to look at is scheduled events. So for instance if the Disney World Marathon is being held on that weekend then you will find more guests in all of the parks. Or if it is a Star Wars Weekend at Disney Hollywood Studios then that park will be much busier than it usually would be at that time of year.

Whichever time you visit Walt Disney World make sure you are as prepared as you can be be by reading guides, looking at videos and deciding which rides and attractions your family will really enjoy. Then you will be very sure that you will get the most out of your visit to the Most Magical Place on Earth.

If there is one thing which is certain about a visit to Walt Disney World it is that you will certainly not be anywhere near alone. You can minimize your time in line by visiting at slower times, picking the right park on the right day, and using the Fast Pass system.

When are you planning to visit Walt Disney World/

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