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7 Things Not to Do in Your Disney Cruise Stateroom

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Your Disney Cruise stateroom is your home away from home. Your own personal sanctuary on the fabulous Disney cruise that you will have spent months or even years planning.

Countless hours will have been spent deciding which Disney cruise stateroom to choose.

Once on board a Disney cruise you will excitedly go to your stateroom and start to unpack and make it your own.

7 Things Not to Do in Your Disney Cruise Stateroom


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From the inside cabins to the largest of suites, this will be your home for your Disney cruise.

However, there really are some things that you must not do inside your Disney cruise stateroom.

There are safety issues, things that will cost you money, or choices that may cost your dignity!

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Here is some guidance about what not to do in your Disney cruise stateroom!

7 Things Disney Cruise

Naked Flames

Fire on a cruise ship is rare. However, when it happens it is serious.

This is why there are certain items that are prohibited on a cruise.

Candles and incense are not allowed on a Disney cruise. Not even candles for a birthday cake. However, the restaurant servers will make sure that you will get a cake in the restaurant if they know you are celebrating a birthday.

You are not allowed to take anything onto the cruise ship which is a heat source. So no electric blankets, rice cookers (!) or irons. If you need to iron on the cruise there are irons available in the self-service laundry rooms.

Use your common sense.

Fireworks or pyrotechnics are also banned, but you weren’t planning on that, were you?

Disney has the only fireworks at sea so enjoy them on Pirate Night instead!

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Naked People


Your Disney cruise stateroom is your own private haven.

Well, it sort of is.

However, cruisers, particularly those with a balcony must always be aware that you are on a moving cruise ship. Sometimes you can be caught by surprise!

You may have opened your curtains whilst in the shower whilst at sea. It can be a surprise to emerge from the shower completely naked and discover that you are now in port and have become the entertainment for the docking crew. Or the guy cleaning the balcony.

Just say no. Don’t assume that people cannot see you!

Things You Must Not Do On Your Cruise Balcony

No Smoking


Disney cruise lines do not allow smoking in staterooms or on balconies. Each Disney ship has designated smoking areas where smoking is permitted.

If you are caught smoking in your stateroom or on your balcony you will be charged a $250 cleaning fee.

On the Disney Magic and Disney Wonder here are the designated smoking areas:

Deck 4, outdoors, starboard side from 6:00 PM to 6:00 AM
Deck 9, forward, port side, any time

The designated smoking areas on the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy are:

Deck 4, port side, aft, on the outside Promenade Deck from 6:00 PM to 6:00 AM
Deck 12, port side, aft, the outdoor area accessible through the Meridian Lounge at any time
Deck 13, port side, forward, near Currents Bar, at any time

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Cause Damage

disney cruise stateroom

This may seem like an obvious one. If you cause damage to your stateroom you will be charged for it. However, sometimes damage can be caused by accident.

You may have read some advice about how packing an over-the-door hanging organizer is a great idea. Beware. It really isn’t on a Disney cruise.

Over-the-door hanging organizers are prohibited on Disney cruise ships. If you use one and your door is scratched or damaged it will cost you a $100 fine. There is plenty of space to store things in your stateroom, so just don’t risk doing this.

Decorating doors is a very popular activity and this is encouraged. However, you should only use magnetic fixings, not tape. Your cruise stateroom and door are magnetic so it is easy to put decor on there using magnetic fixings.

If you are thinking of sailing on a cruise on the Disney Cruise we always suggest contacting a Disney Authorized Travel Agent.

We recommend Destinations in Florida – Get a Quote Now!. Their services are free and you may even get a discount!

Hang Things on Your Balcony


We know it is tempting. You come back from a swim and you have your wet clothes needing to be hung up somewhere. The back of your balcony chairs seems like the obvious place. All well and good until you return to your room and find out that your clothes have gone overboard. It happens.

In every Disney cruise bathroom, there is a retractable clothesline over the bath. We always take some Soft Grip Pegs

with us so that we can get more on the line.

For a complete guide to packing for a Disney cruise click on the link below:

How to Pack for a Disney Cruise

Be Really Loud


Your Disney cruise cabin may be your own private haven on the ship, however, you do have neighbors. Always be considerate of those around you.

A Disney cruise is your happy place so we are sure that you do not want to hear every detail of your stateroom neighbors argument. They don’t want to hear yours either.

Things Find Their Way into Your Suitcase


Disney staterooms are beautifully appointed. We know how tempting the bathrobe and that red cushion on the bed is.

That cushion proved to be so tempting that Disney cruise lines no longer have them in the stateroom!

However, if you want a Disney cruise bathrobe or those fabulous toiletries you can buy them from the onboard store.

If you take anything from your Disney cruise cabin you will be charged. Just don’t do it.

Forget Something When You Leave

Unfortunately, the time will come when you have to leave your Disney cruise ship. Make sure that you check everything to see that you are not leaving anything behind. Areas that you may miss are under the bed and in the safe.

Make sure you also check the table which doubles up as a place for storage – that one is easy to miss when you are packing.

What suggestions do you have for what not to do in your Disney cruise stateroom? Leave us a comment below!


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Saturday 2nd of February 2019

Don't accidentally leave your wave phone in your pants pocket when you are packing quickly. Our first cruise, I had to pack quickly to get our suitcases out in the hall by the appointed time. I neglected to check my pockets and therefore, couldn't fine the wave phone the next morning. An expensive $250 mistake. And a lousy souvenir. :)


Saturday 2nd of February 2019

That is a lousy souvenir! The wave phones are not the best design anyway, so to lose one is very annoying!

Heather O

Wednesday 12th of September 2018

I have not been on a disney cruise but its one of my dream trips!

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