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Best Disney Hotel For Toddlers [2022]

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Which is the best Disney Hotel for Toddlers? If you are traveling to Disney World with a toddler you need to know the very best places to stay.

We all know that sometimes travel with a toddler can be a bit of a challenge. However, Disney World is the perfect location to visit with a young child.

Particularly if you are going to stay in a Walt Disney World Hotel Resort.

It is so easy to get to the parks from an onsite hotel.

You can even break up your day by visiting the parks in the morning and then returning to your hotel in the afternoon for a break. You can then head back out to the Disney parks in the evening.

Which is the Best Disney Hotel for Toddlers?

Of course, we know that there is the argument that a toddler really isn’t going to remember the trip. This is true, but you will! The point is that you are making memories with your child and your enjoyment is directly proportional to theirs!

There are more than twenty different Disney World Resorts to choose from. Which is the Best Disney Hotel For Toddlers?

Disney Value Resorts Best for Toddlers

The Disney World Value Resorts are the obvious choice for a vacation with a toddler. What can beat giant dalmatians, larger-than-life Princesses, and the chance to get up close and personal with Lightning McQueen and Friends?

If you looking for great value which is the Best Disney Hotel For Toddlers?

Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

Disney's Art of Animation Resort - Ride the Color Wave

If you want great value accommodation at Walt Disney World and you have younger children with you, Disney’s Art of Animation is definitely somewhere that should be high on your list.

"You must take your place in the Circle of Life" (Lion King wing at Disney's Art of Animation Resort)

Art of Animation Resort offers some standard hotel rooms, but the real draw here are the “family suites” which sleep up to six guests. They will even sleep up to 7 if one of those guests is a child under 3 in a crib,

Disney Art of Animation

The Art of Animation Family Suites are a unique concept in the Disney World hotel offerings. Most Disney World hotel rooms only sleep up to a maximum of 5 guests.

Staying in the Art of Animation Resort can be a way to get more space if you have a larger family, but still want to keep the costs down.

Even if you have older kids the Art of Animation Family Suites can be a great option.

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Art of Animation Resort

The Family Suites have a master bedroom, living area, kitchenette, and two bathrooms. The master bedroom has a Queen-sized bed.

Art of Animation Resort

The living area has what is called an Inovabed which is a table that converts to a bed. This sleeps up to 2.

The Lion King wing of DIsney's Art of Animation Resort

There is also a double sofa bed. You can also add a crib so that there is sleeping space for up to 7.

Having 2 bathrooms is a great option if you have a larger family. Also having a kitchenette can help to save money on food.

The Lion King wing of DIsney's Art of Animation Resort

This resort is a lot of fun. It is divided out into four distinctly themed areas all based on Disney movies.

Welcome to Cars! (Disney's Art of Animation Resort)

Choose between Finding Nemo, Cars or The Lion King if you want a Family Suite, or the Little Mermaid if a standard room is large enough.

Toddlers will love the theming and bright colors. They are bound to recognize these iconic Disney characters and will love seeing Nemo, Simba Ariel, and friends in the very much larger-than-life decor.

There are three themed swimming pools.

Disney's Art of Animation Resort

The largest is the Big Blue Pool which is located in the Finding Nemo section of the resort. There are also smaller pools in the Cars and Little Mermaid sections.

There is no full-service dining venue here (the Disney World Value Resorts don’t have them). However, you will find a large food court with traditional quick service fare such as pizzas and burgers.

Landscape of Flavors food court

There are also some different choices which include international options and healthy food. Yes, it’s priced on the high side, but this is Disney!

You can save some money by buying basic groceries and at least having breakfast in your suite as you should put that kitchenette to good use.

Transportation options have recently improved now that the Skyliner Gondola System is part of the resort. The bus system is also still available for free transportation to all the Disney Parks and Disney Springs.

Disney Art of Animation

However, you must bear in mind that this is still a budget option. Do not expect luxury as you won’t find it here. What you will find is very well-planned out family accommodation.

It is a great option for families with younger children, particularly if you want that extra space. This is what makes it one of our choices of Best Disney Hotel For Toddlers.

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Disney’s Pop Century Resort for Toddlers

Daily Disney - Goofy Pop Jet Playground

This is another great choice if you want a Disney World hotel Value option and you are staying with toddlers and young children. The theme at the Pop Century Resort covers from the 1950s to the 1990s.

The newly refurbished Pop Century Resort is another great choice if you are staying here with toddlers and young children.

It is also rated in our picks of Disney World Hotels for Adults. So that has to be a win-win for everyone!

The recent refurbishment has made a real difference and this puts this Disney resort firmly in the top picks for the Value category. The new Disney Pop Century Resort rooms now have 2 Queen beds.

A huge upgrade from the doubles that they used to have.

Another really nice feature is that one bed is a Murphy Bed which converts to a desk. Therefore if it is a couple sharing with a young child in a crib this gives you some more floor space if that’s the way you want to configure the room.

If it was me with my toddler I would be in the Queen with them as no way would they ever actually go in a crib …

Disney Pop Century Resort

The Everything Pop food court has a lot of choices – even for a toddler who is a picky eater you are sure to find something.

171/365 - Disney Pop Century Cafe Panorama

Pop Century is now part of the Skyliner system. This means easy access to Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

This makes a huge difference to the resort which previously only had the less than ideal Disney World bus transportation system.

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It is definitely a close call between Pop Century and Art of Animation as to which is the best if you have a toddler. If you want to know more then this will be helpful:

Art of Animation vs Pop Century Resort

Disney World Moderate Hotels for Toddlers

best disney hotel for toddlers today
Disney World Splash Mountain

If you want a little bit more luxury and more onsite amenities, consider going a step up with a Disney World Moderate Hotel.

Which is the best Best Disney Hotel For Toddlers in the moderate category?

Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort Hotel

Coronado Blue

I know this one is likely to be a controversial choice as this is often seen as more of a convention hotel than many of the other Disney Resorts. Perhaps the least Disney of all the Disney Resorts. But this might be something you want…..

It is true that it was designed to attract convention guests and it completely lacks the Disney theme that many of the other resorts have.

However, I think it is one of the best overall choices for a Best Disney Hotel For Toddlers, particularly since the recent opening of the Gran Destino Tower.


What makes Coronado Springs a great choice for those with toddlers and young children? On the principle that a happy parent makes for a happy toddler.

The Gran Destino Tower is simply stunning and the original Coronado Springs Resort rooms are all newly refurbished. I’ve long been a fan of Coronado Springs and it has always been my Disney World Moderate Hotel of choice.

The overall feeling of the resort is a step above the other moderate Disney World Resorts. You really do get a beautifully designed room and a lot of amenities, for a moderate Disney World hotel price.

I will qualify. If you have a toddler and older children, you have to think carefully about this one. Let’s face it, a two-year-old probably isn’t going to have a tantrum at the lack of Mickey or Princess-themed references in their hotel.

They will probably be happy enough that there is a playground and they can have ice cream at lunchtime. However, if you have older children who are very conscious of the Disney theme, this may not be the place for you.

Coronado Springs Resort

However, if you want a very nice hotel room with great hotel amenities and don’t mind that you will not be surrounded by everything Disney, Coronado Springs is a great option.

However, if you are going to be conscious that you are in the minority of guests with being one of the few adventurers out there with a toddler in tow, this is not the place for you.

Should you choose one of the original Coronado Springs rooms or one of the new Gran Destino Tower rooms? They are very different.

This video gives a very comprehensive overview of the Coronado Springs Resort Gran Destino.

The Gran Destino Tower Rooms are large. At 375 square feet, they are on a par with the size of many of Disney World’s Deluxe Hotel rooms.

Also, they have an internal corridor entry. Not, as with all the other Moderate Hotels, a motel-style exterior door.

Personally, I am not a fan of the motel style and will avoid it if the budget allows. So for this reason alone, the Gran Destino is a big plus.

One big downside to staying in the Grand Destino with a toddler is the bathroom. The huge shower is great for the adults, but the lack of a bath is possibly a deal-breaker for many with young children.

For this reason alone you may want to opt for a room at the original Coronado Springs.

The public spaces of the bars and restaurants are without doubt more of a quality and design that you would expect from a Deluxe Disney Hotel.

Of course, it depends upon your own toddler or young child as to whether or not you can actually spend any time in a space that will mostly be populated by grown-ups! I have always been comfortable taking my children pretty much anywhere, but I know this is not for everyone.

The restaurant and quick service venues at Coronado Springs are a little more forgiving than the rather more sophisticated Destino Tower. However, the beauty of staying in this moderate Disney Resort is that you can walk to either location.

I know it may be quite a long walk, as this resort is spread out over a very large area, but maybe your toddler will fall asleep on the way over and give you a break!

Pyramid Pool at Disney Coronado Springs Hotel

A very big draw with all ages is the Coronado Springs Resort with kids is the Dig Site swimming pool.

This is one of the most impressive of all of the Disney World Resort Swimming Pools and certainly has one of the best water slides. There is also a really good playground within a short walk of the pool. There is plenty to keep toddlers and younger children entertained.

Disney World Deluxe Hotels for Toddlers

Disney Epcot Word Showcase

There are some amazing choices of Disney World Deluxe Hotels to stay in if you have a toddler. Of course, the only downside of staying at a Deluxe Disney World Resort is that you will be paying a tidy sum for the privilege.

Which is the Best Disney Hotel For Toddlers in the Deluxe category?

If you want to stay in the very best resort hotels in Disney World there are plenty of excellent options to choose from for families with toddlers and younger kids.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge Resort

Jambo House at Animal Kingdom Lodge

This has to be a top choice for Disney World Resort to stay in with a toddler. Or anyone for that matter! Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge Resort is a truly outstanding place to stay whatever the ages in your party.

There really aren’t many hotels where you can wake up and see a giraffe from your hotel balcony. But this is what you can do from a savannah view room is Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge.

Animal Kingdon Lodge

Step into the lobby of Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge and you feel as though you have stepped into a very different world. It is one of the most relaxing places I have ever visited. Even with a toddler!

(not) Animatronic Giraffe

The main attraction of this Disney World Resort is that Animal Kingdom Lodge is set in a 43-acre wildlife preserve. The savannas have 200 animals and 130 birds including giraffes, zebra, ostrich, and impala.

Many of the Animal Kingdom Lodge Resort Rooms have a view of the savannah from their balcony.

If you want to know how to pick the very best rooms at the Resort we have written this guide for you.

Animal Kingdom Lodge

Whilst it is definitely ideal to have a room overlooking the animals rather than the parking lot, you don’t need to do this to see the animals. You can walk a short way from the lobby to the back of the resort to see the animals. Anyone can do this – you do not need to be a guest of the hotel.

The rooms at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge are amongst the smallest of all of the Disney World Deluxe Resorts. Standard rooms are just 344 square feet and Deluxe Rooms are 381 square feet.

Some of the rooms have bunk beds which of course tend to be really popular with young children!

The size of the rooms is of comparable size to the Gran Destino Tower which are moderate category rooms.


Photo by Disney

They are beautifully furnished though. They have ornately carved wooden furniture, muted brown tones, and an overall luxurious feel. The bathrooms are nicely appointed, but nothing really special.

A nice feature is that the sink is outside of the bathroom. There is a shower and that all-important bath that you will most likely need with a toddler.

As you would expect with a Disney World Resort Deluxe Hotel, Animal Kingdom has a lot of very good amenities.

Uzima Pool at Jambo House at Animal Kingdom Lodge

The swimming pool has zero entry, which is always a nice feature, particularly when you have young children with you.

Hakuna Matata Playground at Jambo House at Animal Kingdom Lodge

There is also a well-equipped playground right next to the pool.

Animal Kingdom Lodge

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge has some of the very best restaurants of any of the Resorts.

Boma is a particular favorite. This buffet restaurant is one of the best all you care to eat experiences at Disney World. Whilst it does not have characters, it does have a great selection of food and a great atmosphere.

Jambo Savannah View

The one downside to Disney’s Animal Kingdom Resort Hotel is the location. Whilst it is located next to Animal Kingdom park, you can’t walk there from the hotel. You have to take a bus or use your own vehicle. It is the most remote of all of the Disney World Hotel Resorts as it is on the edge of Disney property.

Boma Elephant

However, I think that this one disadvantage is far outweighed by all the amazing advantages. Disney Animal Kingdom Resort is perfect for a stay with a toddler or children of any age.

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Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

Disney's Polynesian Village Resort

Of all of the Disney World Monorail Resorts I think that this is the best option for families with a toddler.

Just for the sheer convenience of location, the Polynesian Resort wins a lot of points in its favor. Your toddler will probably enjoy every Disney World park, but it is likely that Magic Kingdom will be their favorite as there as so many attractions they can participate in. Being close to Magic Kingdom is a real plus.

You just hop on the monorail and you are in Magic Kingdom in minutes. You can even walk there. This saves so much time and makes it an ideal location for anyone wanting to spend time in Magic Kingdom.

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Disney’s Polynesian Village is a beautiful Resort. In my opinion the most beautiful of all the monorail resorts.

Walk through the lobby and out towards the pool and the huge sandy beach.

Resort Room View

The pool is one of the best in Disney World. The sandy beach is another very nice feature of the Polynesian. It has a view over the Seven Seas Lagoon towards Magic Kingdom.

Daily Disney

It is a great idea to watch the fireworks from here at least once during your stay.

Independence Day Fireworks

Right now, unfortunately, the only rooms available are Disney Vacation Club rooms as the Polynesian is undergoing a complete refurbishment. The monorail is not currently stopping at the Polynesian either. The Resort is due to reopen in Summer 2021.

Daily Disney

I am very excited to see how the rooms and renovations to the Ceremonial House turn out. The official word is that there will be a Moana theme. I am definitely looking forward to seeing the concept art, and of course, the finished project.

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Disney’s Contemporary Hotel Resort

Brown to Bronze IX: A Great View: By NIght

This is another great choice of hotel on the Disney World monorail system. You can easily walk to Magic Kingdom or just hop on the monorail.

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The Contemporary has a very unique design. It has the monorail running right through it.

Disney - Monorail Coral Contemporary Resort

The standard rooms at Disney’s Contemporary Resort are 394 square feet. Not the largest of the Deluxe resorts, but still a decent size. Each room will sleep up to 5 guests and also accommodate a child under 3 in a crib.

The room decor is, as you would expect, contemporary.

Our room

The design is most definitely not overtly Disney. If this is what you are looking for then this probably is not the right choice for you.

However, the rooms are very well appointed and the views that some of the rooms offer really are some of the best of any of the Disney World hotels.

Night Time View from Top of the World Lounge

There are many different views available from both the original A-Frame Tower and the Garden Wing.

Here you can read our guide to Which Are The Disney Contemporary Resort Best Rooms?

The Contemporary Resort has some excellent places to eat. We probably wouldn’t recommend taking a toddler to the exceptional fine dining experience at California Grill, but if you wanted to, they would be welcome.

Contemporary Resort - Chef Mickey

There are plenty of other dining choices including the always popular buffet at Chef Mickey, and the excellent The Wave and Contempo Cafe.

The swimming pool is rather disappointing for a Deluxe Disney World Resort Hotel.

Beautiful Bay Lake Sunrise

There really is nothing to distinguish it. The main pool has a kids pool which of course is very useful for keeping your toddler happy. However, this really is an element of the hotel that is very much in need of a change.

Contemporary 1

The Contemporary Resort at Disney World is always a good choice for any age. The main benefit is the location, but it is a very good, high standard hotel which you should definitely consider for your stay as it is one of the Best Disney Hotel For Toddlers

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Disney’s Beach Club Resort

Daily Disney

If you would rather be closer to the Epcot theme park, this Deluxe Disney Hotel is most definitely a winner.

You can very easily walk to the World Showcase entrance of Epcot from the Beach Club. Access to Disney’s Hollywood Studios is also very easy, either by boat, or the new Skyliner Gondolas.

Disney's Beach Club Resort

The location close to the Boardwalk and Epcot means that you will never be short of dining choices either.

The standard rooms at Disneys Beach Club are 380 square feet and have 2 Queen Beds. They are very comfortable and are brightly furnished and decorated. The style is a subtle Victorian beach hotel vibe, with cool blues and whites.

Even though the rooms were updated in 2017, the bathrooms already feel a little behind the times. The move has been towards showers with glass doors rather than curtains and this somewhat dates the decor. However, the good thing is that there is a bath, so that is much more toddler-friendly than a stand-alone shower cubicle.

Other than the location, a main attraction of the Disney Beach Club Resort is the excellent swimming pool.

Daily Disney - Storm Along Bay at Night

Stormalong Bay which is shared with the neighboring Yacht Club Resort is widely recognized as the best pool of any of the Disney World hotels.

Disney Yacht & Beach Club pool at night

The beauty of being able to walk to Epcot is that you can easily go to the park in the morning and then come back to the Beach Club for an afternoon swim and a nap. You, and most importantly your little one, will be refreshed and ready to go back to one of the parks later in the day.

Disney World Resorts for Toddlers – What Do You Think?

Magic Kingdom

Which do you think is the Best Disney Hotel For Toddlers? Let us know which you think are the best hotels to stay in at Disney World if you have young children. Just leave us a comment below.

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