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Best Epcot Restaurants 2022 – The Best Places to Dine for an Unforgettable Experience

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Which are the best Epcot restaurants? Of course, this will always be a matter of opinion, but we think that some restaurants are standouts.

Others are probably best put to the bottom of your must-do list!

When revising this guide for 2022 there are definitely some changes. Some old favorites are perhaps not making the grade, and one has unfortunately not made a comeback.

In updating pricing I did notice a lot of price increases. Most were relatively small, but of course, these all add up, particularly when you are dining with your family in Epcot.

But Epcot is still a fabulous place to enjoy some great restaurants and you should definitely take some time to discover which will be the best for you.

Which are the Best Epcot Restaurants?


Here is our guide to the best Epcot restaurants in 2022. What is the best place to eat at Epcot?

All menu prices are correct at the time of writing which was September 2022.

Epcot Le Cellier Steakhouse Restaurant

Epcot - Le Cellier
The very popular Epcot Le Cellier Restaurant

Photo Credit

Epcot Le Cellier Steakhouse has consistently been one of the most popular restaurants in the whole of Walt Disney World for many years.

I always wonder whether to include Le Cellier in any “best of Epcot” guide.

The reason?

Sometimes a restaurant lives on past reputation rather than current reality. Le Cellier is on the borderline of this category, but I think, still deserves to be included in this guide.

Le Cellier is certainly high on the list of places where it is most difficult to get a dining reservation at Disney World.

Part of the reason is the good food and atmosphere. Another reason is that Le Cellier only seats a relatively small number of guests.

Epcot Le Cellier is tucked away in the Canada Pavillion.

If you don’t look carefully you may miss it.

The unassuming entrance leads to a restaurant that is designed to give the feeling of a traditional wine cellar.

The seating is a good mixture of tables and booths. Some of the tables are a little closer together than I would like, but we understand they are trying to seat as many guests as possible here.

The lighting is low and the atmosphere is cozy and upbeat. And loud.

It’s a small space and always full, but the ambiance is still good despite this.

You seem a million miles away from the Epcot theme park, but you are right at the edge of World Showcase.

Even before you start on the Epcot Le Cellier menu, you will experience the fabulous bread service.

It doesn’t get much better than their Pretzel Bread Sticks! Make sure that you don’t overindulge too much as you will want to save room for their excellent menu food.

The Disney Dining Plan has still not returned. Goodness knows when or if it will, but if it does you can be sure that Le Cellier will be a Signature Dining Restaurant.

What this means is that if you have the Disney Dining Plan you will need 2 credits for a meal there.

This also means that it is one of the most expensive restaurants in Epcot.

Appetizers range from $13 to $21.

The Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup is delicious and priced at $13. The Winter Wheat Lager Steamed Mussels are amazing and priced at $21.

Entrees range from $34 to $59. The vegetarian entree is Steamed Asian Impossible Dumplings. This has Impossible Meat Dumplings, Bok Choy, Chinese Long Beans, Red Peppers, Radish, Fragrant Asian Broth for $34.

For a more traditional steak house entree, you can choose from the Le Cellier Filet Mignon for $57 and the USDA Prime Rib-Eye Steak for $59.

You can even get a Le Cellier Chateaubriand for Two – Snake River Farms Wagyu Tenderloin, Bone Marrow, Truffled Fingerling Potatoes, Sauce Bearnaise, Au Poivre, Red Wine Reduction for $129.00.

As this is a Signature Restaurant there are “Enhancements”. In other words items on the menu which might be included in other restaurants but which you have to pay extra for! Having said that, Le Cellier is a real treat and is particularly good if you are on the Disney Dining Plan.

The Enhancements include Loaded Boursin Mashed Potatoes and Gorgonzola Creamed Spinach. These are an additional $10 per dish.

The menu does change quite a bit, but you will always find that the usual favorites are there. The Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup which is made with Moosehead Pale Ale and Neuske’s Applewood Smoked Bacon is very popular.

The Le Cellier Signature Poutine which is Fresh-cut French Fries, Canadian Cheddar, Truffles, in a Red Wine Reduction is also well worth a try. Particularly if you are not on the Dining Plan as it is priced at $13 and is very filling.

If steak is not your thing there is always seafood and a vegetarian option on the Le Cellier Menu.

In particular, it is good to see that the choices for vegetarians have expanded and improved so much over the years. Gone are the days when a salad was your only option.

The Plant-based House made Chorizo meatballs are a good choice for $18 as an appetizer.

The Impossible range has made its way onto the Le Cellier menu. Try the Steamed Asian Impossible Dumplings for a plant-based option for vegetarians for $34.

Coral Reef Epcot Restaurant

Epcot Coral Reef Resstaurant
Get close to the ocean in the Epcot Coral Reef Restaurant

Photo Credit

You can go for years to Epcot without ever really realizing where this restaurant is.

Epcot Coral Reef is tucked away behind The Seas Pavilion. However, you must make the effort to eat here at least once during your visit to Epcot as it is well worth it.

The decor is stunning.

The Epcot Coral Reef Restaurant has a wall of 8 feet-high windows that look onto the huge saltwater aquarium.

Diners can view not only 85 species of tropical fish but also the divers who often swim past the windows.

The best seats in the house are next to the aquarium and one seat away from it. The rest of the seats in the Epcot Coral Reef restaurant are raised up so you still get a decent view.

As you would expect, the Disney Coral Reef Menu is dominated by seafood.

Our favorites include the New England Clam Chowder and the Shrimp Cocktail Appetizers.

As an entrée, we think the Shrimp and Grits at $32 is hard to beat.

If fish is not your thing you will find Slow Roasted Grilled Rib-eye and a Cajun Chicken Pasta.

Vegetarians have Grilled Vegetable Skewer with Impossible Kefta at $24 as an entree option.

For dessert at Coral Reef, you have to try the Chocolate Wave for $10. Just the right amount of chocolate extravagance!

If you are looking for a no-sugar added dessert the Mixed Berry Mouse is available for $8.50

If you want to read more go to:

Epcot Coral Reef

Epcot Chefs de France

Epcot Les Chefs de France
French Style in the Epcot Le Chefs de France Restaurant

Photo Credit

Another one of our favorite Epcot Restaurants is Chefs de France. It is rare that you get an authentic French dining experience in the middle of a theme park!

Chef de France is one of two French restaurants in Epcot. We prefer Chef de France to Monsieur Paul Epcot.

Monsieur Paul is a Signature Dining Restaurant and a lot pricier than Chef de France.

The decor in Epcot Chefs de France is stunning. The design is based on a traditional large cafe restaurant in Paris.

Take some time to really soak in the atmosphere and look at the detailing in the decor.

From the elegant tiled floors, beautiful lighting, and floor-to-ceiling windows. Chefs de France is a stunning restaurant.

There are plenty of great choices on the Chef de France menu. If you are a little adventurous why not try the Escargot?

The Cheese Board has an amazing selection of French cheese. For the more traditional choice, you can’t beat the French Onion Soup for $10.95.

Entrees range from $24.95 to $40.95.

Specialties include Filet de boeuf grillé (Grilled Tenderloin of Beef) for $40.95 and Filet de saumon mariné auvin blanc et citron for $34.95.

Epcot Restaurant Marrakesh

Epcot Restaurant Marrakesh

For almost 20 years I wrote about how everyone should give this once overlooked restaurant a try. Located at the back of the Morocco Pavilion, this gem of a restaurant really was a standout.

However, sadly Restaurant Marrakesh is no longer open – well not as a restaurant anymore.

Gone are the days of belly dancing entertainment and reasonably priced delicious entrees.

The chain that owned the restaurant experienced financial difficulties and the space never reopened after the covid shut down.

The space reopened in September 2022 as  Florida Blue Medicare Lounge. You need to be a member to use this space, which offers free Moroccan mint tea and cooling towels.

It really is such a pity that a beautifully themed place is no longer what it once was.

If you want some nostalgia about what was once one of the best Epcot Restaurants you can see more details in our guide at Epcot Restaurant Marrakesh

Epcot Rose and Crown Restaurant

Epcot - Rose and Crown Restaurant
Just like your own British Local Pub at Epcot Rose and Crown

Photo Credit

There is nothing quite like traditional British pub food. The Epcot Rose & Crown Dining Room do a great job of bringing traditional British fare to Disney World.

The Epcot Rose and Crown menu have a lot of items that are typical British Pub food. The appetizers include the United Kingdom Cheese Platter for $14 which includes Stilton, McCall’s Irish Cheddar, and Cotswold Cheese.

If you want to try something a little different you should order the Scotch Egg appetizer for $13. This is Golden-fried Hard-boiled Cage-free Egg wrapped in Sausage with Mustard Sauce.

One of the most popular Rose and Crown entrees is the traditional Fish and Chips for $26. If you want to make it truly authentic you need to order the mushy peas for an additional $5.

Fish and Chips

You may also be tempted by Bangers and Mash for $22 or traditional Shepherds Pie for $23.

For dessert, if you want to make an authentic British choice go for the Sticky Toffee Pudding or the English Trifle.

The Rose & Crown is a very solid choice of dining option in Epcot.

Epcot Tokyo Dining Restaurant

Epcot - Tokyo Dining - Sushi
Delicious Sushi at Epcot Tokyo Dining Restaurant

Photo Credit

The Epcot Toyko Dining Restaurant is one of our very favorite restaurants in the park. The quality of food and service is excellent.

If you enjoy Japanese food you are going to enjoy this Epcot Restaurant.

Plus if you manage to get a table by the window you get a fabulous view over the Epcot World Showcase Lagoon.

Obviously, it’s a particularly great place to eat if you can get a view of Epcot Harmonious Fireworks.

The decor in the Epcot Tokyo Dining Restaurant is very modern. You can watch the sushi chefs prepare your food.

Unfortunately, it is here that we have noticed some of the largest price increases over the last few years. The sushi is good but pricey with a California Roll for $14 and a Volcano Roll for $20.

The Fresh Sashimi Sampler is a great choice priced at $24 and includes Tuna, Salmon, and Yellowtail.

There is not a huge amount of choice of traditional sushi and rolls, but there is still plenty to keep most people happy.

The food is fresh and tastes great – the presentation is also excellent.

Epcot Tokyo Dining - Sushi

The Tempura and Sushi Roll option is a good choice. For $25 you get California Roll with Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura.

The Teppan Edo Restaurant is next door and is also a good choice.

Akershus Royal Banquet Hall

Menu at Akershus Norway Epcot Restaurant
Disney With a Disney Princess at Norway Akershus Restaurant

Photo Credit

The Akershus Royal Banquet Hall is home to Princess Storybook Dining.

We have to admit we didn’t know whether to include this one or not.

Firstly because the emphasis over recent years has been on meeting the Princesses and you pay a high price for food which is mediocre at best.

Secondly, because Akershus is still not open after the shutdown.

However, we decided to include it as it is still a memorable experience. No doubt it will re-open soon and so we left our review in for that reason.

This made our Best Epcot Restaurants list because of the experience rather than the quality of the food.

However, Akershus is definitely one of the best Epcot restaurants for families.

Akershus Royal Banquet Hall is one of the best places in Walt Disney World to meet the Princesses.

Located, in the Norway Pavilion, Akershus Royal Banquet Hall serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is the only Epcot World Showcase restaurant that is open for breakfast.

Disney Princess Storybook Dining is a combination of an all-you-care-to-eat buffet and entrees that you order from the menu.

Akershus is an amazingly themed recreation of a 14th-century Norwegian castle. High ceilings with huge wooden beams, rustic chandeliers, stained glass windows, and atmospheric lighting make this a fitting venue for the Disney Princesses.

The Disney Princess Storybook Dining Breakfast is served family-style. The food is brought to your table for you all to share.

Really not our favorite style of food, but this Epcot restaurant really is about the Princesses more than the food.

The Disney Princess Storybook Dining breakfast costs between $53 for adults and $34 for children aged 3 to 9. It is served from 8.30 am to 11.00 am. This was the price before the shutdown.

In case you were wondering – unfortunately, a reservation for Princess Storybook Dining does not get you priority for the Frozen Ever After ride which is located next to the restaurant.

If you time breakfast early enough you may be able to finish just as the line opens at 9 am. You may have to rush your breakfast though so this is a payoff you may not want to sign up to.

Lunch and dinner are also available. The cold buffet is billed as a “Taste of Norway”. There is a good selection of bread, cheeses, and of course fish selections.

Lunch and Dinner at $63 for adults and $41 for children aged 3 to 9. Again, this was the price before the shutdown.

The entrees are ordered off the menu and cooked to order.

Brassert Biff

The Akershus menus include an excellent Norwegian Turkey Club, Oven-roasted Chicken Breast and Pan-seared Salmon with Roasted Potato Cake, Pickled Fennel Slaw, and Aquavit Cream Sauce.

If you want to try a Norwegian dish then Traditional Kjottkake is available. This is ground beef and pork dumplings with lingonberry sauce.

Akershus Royal Banquet Hall is definitely a good choice if you want to spend a decent amount of quality time meeting the Princesses. We enjoy the food here, but you do need to be prepared to try something a little different.

Epcot Spice Road Table

Epcot Spice Road Table is a relatively new addition to the Morocco Pavilion. If you haven’t been to World Showcase for some time then this is one of the table service restaurants which is definitely worth a try.

This is now probably my favorite Epcot restaurant – we have had some excellent dining experiences here. Good food, great service, and a friendly ambiance.

One of the unique things about Spice Road Table is that they only take walk-ins. You are not able to make a reservation here.

epcot best restaurants

Whilst the much misses Restaurant Marrakesh is at the back of the Pavilion and almost hidden, you really can’t miss Spice Road Table.

It is right at the edge of World Showcase Lagoon and is designed to take the most advantage of viewing time for the Epcot fireworks.

It has one of the best locations in the park.

If you can snag a table here for around 8 pm onwards you are going to get a great view.

However, the charm of Spice Road Table is not just its location We think its menu is definitely worth exploring. The decor is very well done.

The actual restaurant is relatively small, with an indoor and outdoor seating area. You will see lots of nice attention to detail in the decor.

The cuisine is Mediterranean, but it is not as adventurous as the food that you used to find in Restaurant Marrakesh.

The menu is a selection of Mediterranean Small Plates.

If you want to try a twist on a classic dish then order the Hummus Fries for $10. The Naan Spread is also delicious served with Hummus, Chermoula, Marinated Olives and Za’atar for $10.


The Dessert Platter is definitely worth the calories and the $9.

EPCOT Spice Road Table-29

The food is good, but not outstanding. The view, however, really can’t be beaten.

The plates are small but great for sharing. It is also one of the most reasonably priced of all the table service restaurants in Epcot.

You can also sign up for the Spice Road Table Fireworks Dining Package. This secures you one of the very best views of the Epcot fireworks from the outside seating area of Spice Road Table.

The experience does not come cheap at $72 for adults and $31 for children. However, this gives you a fabulous view of the fireworks, two small plates, a dessert platter, and unlimited non-alcoholic beverages.

Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizzeria

If you are just craving a really good pizza Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizzeria is the place to be. We like the lively atmosphere and the consistently good food at this Epcot Italy restaurant.

Great pizza is not easy to find in Walt Disney World, but Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizzeria is in our view pretty much top of the list.

The restaurant is large, but it can be difficult to get a reservation here. We think it is one of the better Epcot restaurants to choose if you are not on the Disney Dining Plan.

Via Napoli Epcot

Instead of being tempted into a three-course meal you can share a large pizza. They serve 3 to 5 people and are priced around the $40 to $54 mark.

That’s a bargain for a table service restaurant at Epcot if you are prepared to share.

Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizzeria isn’t just about pizza.

There are plenty of other appetizer and entree dishes to choose from on the Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizzeria menu.

Pasta dishes start at $29 and there are appetizer and entree-sized salads available.

We think that Via Napoli is one of the best Epcot restaurants for families.

Which Are The Best Epcot Restaurants?

Of course, we left some Epcot restaurants off our list and no doubt some will disagree.

One was very easy to leave off – Nine Dragons in the China Pavilion.

This is such a missed opportunity in our opinion. In our opinion, Nine Dragons just doesn’t win any prizes for food service or atmosphere.

It is consistently underwhelming.

You may also notice that we did not include either of the Epcot Mexican Restaurants. It was a close call, but we really don’t think that the food is that great at either La Hacienda de San Angel or San Angel Inn Restaurante.

Perhaps the one that many will disagree about is that we don’t have Germany’s Biergarten on the list. This Epcot buffet restaurant is a whole lot of fun, but we simply do not enjoy the food.

We are not meat eaters and really you need to be to come here to get full value out of the experience.

The communal seating is not really our thing either! That’s just our personal preference and many will disagree.

Monsieur Paul doesn’t quite make the list either. This is a Signature Dining restaurant and so requires 2 Disney Dining Credits when the Dining Plan is available.

The food and service are very good, but it just doesn’t quite justify the cost for us. We think there are better Signature Dining choices at Walt Disney World.

Which do you think is the best Epcot restaurant?



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I like the French Restaurant at EPCOT Center.

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Sunday 2nd of September 2018

Have to disagree about Via Napoli. That restaurant is BAD! Granted, I can't say if the food is any good or not because we left before ordering. But the service and atmosphere is awful.

It is SO loud in there that we couldn't even hear a word our hostess said to us when we were seated. We were going to ask our server if we could be seated outside instead, but one never appeared to even take our drink order. We waited much longer for a server than we should have. And my granddaughter had her hands covering her ears because it was so loud in there that the noise was hurting her ears. So we left.

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I love Tokyo Dining, and I'm excited to go back to Chefs de France this summer. I also really love the food at Via Napoli, but it can get really loud in there which is a little frustrating.