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Breaking News Disney Cruise Lighthouse Point New Details Released

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More details have been released about what we can expect at Disney’s new destination, Lighthouse Point on the Island of Eleuthera in the Bahamas.

Due to welcome guests in June 2024 for the first time, this Bahamian port looks very different from the very popular Castaway Cay.


The Disney Imagineers have had as their overall design concept, the celebration of Bahamian storytelling, artistry and culture.

You can see from the concept art for Lighthouse Point that it looks very different than Castaway Cay.

Lighthouse Point seems to have a lot more structures than Castaway Cay, and these buildings are also substantially larger than anything you will find on Disney’s existing private island.

It is interesting to watch this video from the start of the project, when legendary, now retired, Imagineer Joe Rohde was leading the project.

More details are now being released about what we can expect from Lighthouse Point.

Guests will arrive at Mabrika Cove.

“Mabrika” means “welcome” in Taino, the language of the Lucayans, who are considered the indigenous people of The Bahamas. While the language is no longer used, a few words remain – one of them being “Mabrika.” At this colorful arrival point, guests will immediately experience the warmth of Bahamian culture.

Mabrika Cove

All Photos Disney Concept Art

This next space we learn about is the Goombay Cultural Center.

This will embody the essence of “Junkanoo,” a Bahamian festival filled with joyous music and vibrant parades that will come to life in many ways across Disney Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point.

Goombay is one of the traditional music styles of The Bahamas, involving singing, dancing and drumming.

The brilliantly colored cultural pavilion and its Junkanoo-inspired arch will invite guests to embrace the traditions of The Bahamas, along with the sights, sounds and spirit of the country’s signature festival.


There will be plenty of family entertainment in store at Triton’s Trumpet Stage. And fun fact: The gazebo’s name is inspired by one of the stunning natural wonders found among the Bahamian beaches – a large, spiraled seashell commonly called “Triton’s Trumpet.” And for you Disney fans, if Triton sounds familiar, you might recognize it as the name of the mighty king from the beloved Disney animated classic “The Little Mermaid.”

It comes as no surprise that there will be ample shopping opportunities on Lighthouse Point.

 Treasures of Eleuthera will be the retail shop featuring locally made gifts and artisan crafts. I look forward to seeing what is actually sold here as it would be a great chance to have something truly local as a souvenir.

Lighthouse Point Adult Beach


As expected, it has been confirmed that Lighthouse Point will have an adult only beach, exclusively for the over 18s.

Just like on Castaway Cay, the name of this beach is Serenity Bay. This is one of my favorite places on Castaway Cay and I very much look forward to experiencing Serenity Bay at Lighthouse Point in the summer of 2024.

Disney Cruise Line has said that there will be a dining area and private cabanas available on Serenity Bay. It will be very interesting to see just how many Lighthouse Point Cabanas there are .

The Cabanas on Castaway Cay are so popular it is extremely difficult to secure a booking for one. In reality you really need to be sailing in Concierge to even have a chance at booking one of thes.

I look forward to seeing more details being released about Lighthouse Point. The space certainly seems very different to Castaway Cay.

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