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Cruise First Aid Kit – Essentials You Need to Pack

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If you are taking to the High Seas one of the things that you should definitely be packing is a Cruise First Aid Kit.

Over the years I have refined what I bring with me on a cruise, and now I always keep my First Aid Kit handy for travel.

I make sure that it is restocked each time I return so that when I sail on a cruise again, I know that everything is packed and ready to go.

Disney Wish at Castaway Cay

Every cruise ship has a medical facility with at least one doctor and a nurse. You should always ask for medical advice if it is an issue that you wouldn’t normally deal with at home.

However, bringing along a Cruise First Aid Kit will mean that you can treat minor issues yourself.

Most cruise ship stores stock some of these items but you will find yourself paying two or three times what you would at home.

Never underestimate the markup on items like this in the store on the ship. The sticker shock can be huge if you even forget your toothpaste!

How do you Put Together the Best Cruise First Aid Kit?

One thing that you do have to think about is how much space these items are going to take up. It is all very well giving you a list of things you need and then it takes up most of your carry-on or a large part of your checked luggage.

I am all about packing lighter these days and therefore will also give some practical tips on how you can organize these things so that they take up as little amount of space as possible.

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The It Covers Most of it Kit

If you want to just buy one item that covers pretty much everything that you need then here it is.

Cruise Essentials Personal First Aid & Medicine Accessories 250 Piece | Deluxe | Travel Kit

This set has a whopping 250 items so it will cover pretty much all of those minor medical issues that you might have on your cruise.

It has items for pain relief, stomach issues, cough, cold, flu, allergies, upset stomach and motion sickness.

Here is a list of things so you can see just how much this set covers.

Scissors (1), Strip Bandages (8), Knuckle Bandages (8), Patch Bandages (8), pot Bandages (8), Elastic Bandage (1), Gauze Pads (4), Nitrile Gloves (2), Eye Wash (1), Thermometer (4), Large RainPoncho (2), Safety Pins (4), String Relief Wipes (8), Antiseptic Wipes (8), Insect Repellent (8), Sunscreen (8), Hand Sanitizer (8), Hyprocortisone Cream (8), Triple Antibiotic Ointment (8), OralPain Relief (8), Lip Balm (8), Surface Disinfectant Wipes (2), Bug-X (5), Skin Lotion (6), Vomit Bag (2),
Ear Plus (2), Splinter Outs (4), Burn Gel (6) Pen Light (1), Device Wipes (4), Lens Cleaner (4), & Sewing Kit (2).

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There is also a smaller kit with just 150 items which is a bit cheaper than the full kit.

This is a very easy solution and you can also quickly order refills so that you always have a great travel medical kit that you can just add to your cruise luggage without having to think very much about what to buy.

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More General First Aid Kit

If you are looking for more of a wound care emergency type kit then this is a highly recommended one,

It isn’t targeted so much towards travel, but it is definitely a great option if you want a general first aid kid for travel and home.

First Aid Only 442 All-Purpose Emergency First Aid Kit for Home, Work, and Travel, 298 Pieces

It is very reasonably priced and when you aren’t sailing on a cruise it is great to have in the house or in your car.

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Small Medical Kit That Easily Fits in Your Bag

If you are looking for something with a lot of the basics, but also very compact this option is a good choice.

It might be small but it packs 110 pieces of many of the essentials that you might need. At a bare minimum you should at least pack this for your cruise and then you can easily put this in your Beach Bag and take it everywhere.

General Medi Mini First Aid Kit, 110 Piece Small First Aid Kit - Includes Emergency Foil Blanket, Scissors for Travel, Home, Office, Vehicle, Camping, Workplace & Outdoor (Red)

This is so easy to take anywhere with you as it is very compact, and it also has a handy clip.

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Kids Medical Kit for Travel and Everyday Use

If you have kids you know that if you aren’t prepared you are really going to wish that you had brought that band aid, antiseptic cream, pain relief, whatever, when you are stuck with a minor issue and you have brought absolutely nothing helpful with you.

I know.

I’ve been there.

Needing tweezers to pick Halloween costume fragments out of a wound sustained on an idyllic Disney Cruise excursion to name just one, for example.

This taught me a lesson.

Be prepared.

There are a lot of kid specific medical kits out there but this is one that gets a lot of good reviews and also is actually packaged in an attractive may ( a rarity for a a medical kit). Why doesn’t Loungefly or Dooney and Bourke get into this market?

Anyway, here is an option that is highly rated.

KeepGoing Travel First Aid Kit for Kids – 130 Pc. Small First Aid Kit for Car, Home, Purse, Diaper Bag & Backpack with Latex-Free Bandages - Mini First Aid Kit Travel Size TSA-Approved

Actually the design is so cute that it doesn’t matter if it’s for the kids!

This covers all the basic first aid stuff you might need and is compact and as I keep saying, just a fabulous design.

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Pack Your Own Medical Kit

Another option, which is going to mean that you personalise your cruise medical kit, but it does take a bit more effort, is to buy individual items that you think you are going to need.

It is definitely true that if you buy one of the preprepared medical kits there are things that you are probably never going to use in there.

It is definitely more convenient to just buy a kit, but if you want to put a bit more time in and design your own kit, with or help of course, then you will definitely get something that is more useful for your family.

I like this set of 6 bags. They are really useful for many things including as a nice bag for your first aid kit supplies for your cruise.

Dripykiaa 6Pcs Cruise Survival Kit Cruise Makeup Bag Canvas Fun Travel Cosmetic Bag Cruise Accessories Portable Travel Organizer Zipper Pouch for Cruise Trip Cruise Gifts for Girls Women Kids

They are made of durable canvas material. You can use them for cosmetics too.

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Here is a Basic Set of Supplies for your Kit. This has 200 pieces and is perfect for travel.

You will need some other supplies as well such as:

Advil as if you want painkillers and go to the store on board you are going to pay a lot more than this!

Benadryl is always useful, just in case.

Travel Pill Containers are also a great way to keep things organised and these labels are really useful.

I seem to have had more than my fair share of colds when traveling so I always pack things to boost immunity and also soothe cold symptoms.

Cold Remedy with Zinc and Sore Throat Lozenges are helpful to pack just in case.

Sea Sickness Remedies

It really is essential to be prepared for motion sickness on a cruise. I am lucky, because I have never experienced it. However, it is always better to take something with you just in case.

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Many people find that Dramamine works really well.

Bonnie is also a great option.

A lot of people also find these Motion Sickness Patches really effective.

LYJEE 5 Pairs Motion Sickness Bands, Nausea Wristbands for Car Sickness, Relief Wristbans for Mornig Sea Flying Travel

These motion sickness bands are highly rated and work well for a lot of people.

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Sea Sickness Remedies for Kids

Remember that a lot of the adult medication is not suitable for kids so you will need to take a separate supply for them.

These Kids Motion Sickness Bands are highly rated and very easy to pack in your bag just in case.

You will have no problem getting the kids to take their medicine with these Sea Sickness Medicated Lollipops.

You can also pack these Chewable Dramamine for Kids.