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Castaway Cay Flying Dutchman Secrets

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Whatever happened to the Castaway Flying Dutchman pirate ship? Find out the history of the Pirates of the Caribbean Flying Dutchman and what happened to Davey Hones ship from the movie.

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If you sailed to Disney’s Private island Castaway Cay between June 24th, 2006 and November 2010 you would have seen the spectacular sight of the Flying Dutchman.

Those who enjoyed the Pirates of the Caribbean movies will know that the Flying Dutchman made it’s debut in Dead Man’s Chest.

The story is that Davy Jones was given the ghostly ship by his lover Calypso to transport souls lost at sea to the afterlife.

However, when Calypso fails to meet him following his decade of duty, Davy Jones became bitter and enraged. He abandons his duty to deliver lost souls.

This results in a curse being placed on him and his loyal crew. All of them start a slow decline into becoming monsters.

You can see from this close up photo of the Flying Dutchman that it is highly detailed and has some scary images carved into the design.

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The ghostly ship makes it’s next appearance in A World’s End. The Flying Dutchman makes her last appearance in Dead Men Tell No Tales.

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The Flying Dutchman made an imposing sight in the bay close to the Disney Cruise Ship dock at Castaway Cay.

castaway cay flying dutchman ship

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Flying Dutchman Castaway Cay

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The closest that you could get to the Pirates of the Caribbean movie ship was by renting one of the water craft available as a Castaway Cay Activity.

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The Flying Dutchman made the perfect back drop for a character meet and greet with Jack Sparrow. It was certainly one of the best photo opportunities for a Disney cruise to be pictured with Jack Sparrow with the ghostly Flying Dutchman in the background.

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Flying Dutchman Castaway Cay Showing the Detail

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Sadly the Flying Dutchman didn’t remain for very long at Castaway Cay. She was only there until November 2010 so never got to welcome the Disney Dream or Fantasy to the port.

The fate of the Flying Dutchman? Rumor has it that she was removed to another part of the island where she was dismantled.

Why was the Flying Dutchman removed from Castaway Cay? Most likely because it was deteriorating. It was, after all, only ever built as a movie prop. She simply wasn’t built to last.

Thankfully, Disney made use of this iconic ship for a little while longer and thousands of visitors to Castaway Cay got to see her.

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disney private island castaway cay

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