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Expert Animal Kingdom Quiz

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disney animal kingdom quiz

How much do you know about Disney's Animal Kingdom? Find out below in our Expert Animal Kingdom Quiz.

Disney's Animal Kingdom Only Has One Roller Coaster. What's The Name Of The Mountain That The Roller Coaster Runs Through?

What's The Name Of The Creature You Fly On In The Attraction "Avatar - Flight Of Passage?"

Which Attraction Features A Sequence Where You Encounter A Forest That Has Been Cut Down?

In "Dinosaur," What Kind Of Dinosaur Are You Trying To Bring Back To The Present?

Which One Of These Facts About "Disney's Animal Kingdom" Is True?

What's Inside The Tree Of Life?

How Do You Get To The "Conservation Station?"

Where In Animal Kingdom Can You Find Tigers, Komodo Dragons, And Blackbucks?

Why Did They Move "The Festival Of The Lion King" Stageshow From "Camp Minnie-Mickey" To The "Africa" Section Of The Park?

What Restaurant Is Placed In Front Of The Entrance Of The Park?

What Was The Name Of The Scrapped Fantasy Themed Area That Was Going To Be Built Where "Pandora - The World Of Avatar" Resides Today?

What Was The Original Name Of The Attraction "Dinosaur?" (The Name Changed To Promote The Release Of The Disney Movie "Dinosaur")

"Lucky" Was A Walking Animatronic That Roamed Parts Of Disney's Animal Kingdom And Interacted With Guests. What Kind Of Animal Was "Lucky?"

Who Composed The Songs In "Finding Nemo - The Musical?"

"Tarzan Rocks" Replaced A Stageshow That Was Based On Which Disney Movie?

The Finale Of Kilimanjaro Safaris Used To Include A Plot Involving Poachers And A Baby Elephant Called...?

The Shaman At The End Of The "Na'vi River Journey" (The Na'vi Who Sings At The End) Is Known As...?

Which Of These Is The Only Attraction To Have A Clone Attraction That's OPEN In Another Disney Park? (I.e. "Soarin'" In Epcot Is A Clone Of The Attraction In Disney California Adventure)

In Which Former Attraction Could You Encounter A Fire Breathing Dragon?

How Many Passengers Can A Raft Take In "Kali River Rapids?"