Cinderella Castle Suite Tour


The Cinderella Castle Suite Tour is one of the least known of the exclusive private tours offered at Walt Disney World. It actually gets you a look inside Disney Cinderella Castle.

Cinderella Castle Suite Tour


The World of Dreams tour is the ultimate Walt Disney World VIP Tour. This exclusive Disney World Tour offers you and a maximum of six guests a tour around almost anywhere in the Walt Disney World universe that they choose.


This includes an exclusive Cinderella Castle Suite tour in the Magic Kingdom. This is a place that few have ever seen and this is the only Disney VIP tour that allows access to Cinderella Castle Suite.

Cinderella Castle is one of the most photographed landmarks in the world, but it is very rare to get a glimpse inside.

The Cinderella Castle Suite wasn’t created until 2006 in celebration of the Year of a Million Dreams. Disney wanted something special to give away as a prize so they created a suite fit for a Princess.


As you would expect, the Disney Cinderella Suite is opulently decorated in rich golds and using lavish materials. Dark wood and rich fabrics make the suite fit for a Disney Princess.

The style is reminiscent of the 17th-century French chateaus which is how the style the exterior of Cinderella Castle was designed.

If you go on this Cinderella Castle Suite tour you are not allowed to stay overnight. That is reserved for prize winners and occasional VIP stays. 


The bathroom is lavishly decorated with beautiful pictures of the Castle displayed on the walls.

Surprisingly, the Cinderella Castle Suite does not offer a good view of the Magic Kingdom park. The windows are all stained glass so you cannot really see through them very well.

The World of Dreams does not just offer access to Cinderella’s Castle Suite. You get all of the usual VIP perks including bypassing all the lines for all the Disney World attractions.


Disney World of Dreams Tour


Those on the World of Dreams tour will use the backstage entrances which are used for celebrity tours which allow you to get on the rides ahead of everyone else. You can feel like a celebrity for a day on this tour!

World of Dreams Tour participants can choose any experience which is available in any of the four Walt Disney World parks. You will also have reserved seating at any show or nighttime spectacular that you want to attend.


This Disney World Tour really is the ultimate experience that money can buy in the parks. It is completely customizable to what experiences you want to have.

This Disney World Tour also includes three meals. Guests have access to any Walt Disney World Restaurant that they choose.

Unfortunately, all magic comes at a price. The World of Dreams Tour costs $12,000. If you haven’t had enough with one day you can add extra days for $10,000.

Even though you will be paying a considerable amount for this Tour, you still have to purchase Walt Disney World park tickets.

What would you choose to do on the Disney World of Dreams Tour?

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