How Do You Get to Stay in Disney’s Cinderella Castle Suite?


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How do you make a reservation at Disney’s Cinderella Castle Suite in the Magic Kingdom? How can you get to stay inside Disney’s Cinderella Castle Suite?

The Cinderella Castle Suite is the only place that you can stay overnight inside Disney’s Magic Kingdom. However, only a very limited amount of people will ever get to stay there.

Right now there is a chance you can stay there! Read on to find out more …….

Disney Cinderella Castle Suite


disney cinderella castle
How to See Inside Disney Cinderella Castle
how do you get to stay inside disney's cinderella castle_

Many of us dream of staying in Disney’s Cinderella Castle, but few will ever get the opportunity.

It takes rather more than just a little bit of Disney Pixie Dust to get the chance to spend a night in the Magic Kingdom.


Here is a great video with a tour of Cinderella Castle Suite so you can see just what magic is inside:

A Disney Cinderella Castle Suite Reservation is, unfortunately, something which not even money can buy and is open only to a very fortunate few.

Disney Cinderella Castle Suite Inside


Disney World first announced the creation of the Cinderella Suite in 2006.

The space which is now the Cinderella Castle Suite was originally intended to be a place that Walt Disney and his family would stay in the park.

Sadly, Walt Disney never got to see his creation as he died in December 1966, almost five years before the Magic Kingdom opened.

Before 2006 the space in Cinderella Castle was empty for most of its history since it was built in 1971.

However, at times it was used for storage. It was also the home of the Disney telephone operators for a while.

With the launch of The Year of A Million Dreams in 2007, Disney wanted something as a very special prize for a select few lucky guests.


Cinderella Castle Suite
Cinderella Castle Suite

Title Photo by DarrenWittko

Disney created the ultimate place to stay in Walt Disney World – the Cinderella Castle Suite. One lucky person and up to 5 guests were chosen to spend the night in the Cinderella Suite.

However, The Year of a Million Dreams finished in 2008. That’s now over a decade ago.

Since then, Disney has occasionally chosen families to stay in the Cinderella Suite. It is also sometimes offered as a prize in a sweepstake.

This is rare though. We always publish those competitions here so keep on the lookout for the latest one.

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Therefore, unfortunately, making a reservation for Disney’s Cinderella Castle is impossible. It is only offered to prize winners and very occasionally Disney VIPs.

If you just want to take a peek inside you can also take a Cinderella Castle Tour

The Cinderella Castle Tour offers you access to the Suite, but you cannot stay overnight.

Money can’t buy a night in the Cinderella Castle Suite. However, money can buy some magical places to stay at Walt Disney World. You can read our guide to the very best hotels at Disney World.

Look Inside Cinderella’s Castle Suite


Very few people have ever seen behind the door of the Cinderella Castle Suite. However, here we have gathered some photos and video for you.

What exactly is inside Cinderella’s Castle Suite? It has the kind of amazing detailing that you would expect from the Disney Imagineers.

The Cinderella Suite makes you feel not just that you are inside the Castle but that you are immersed in the whole experience.

The inspiration for the design of the Cinderella Suite was the17th-century French chateaus upon which the Castle was modeled. The Suite has ornate furnishings in dark woods with opulent fabrics. Certainly, fit for a Disney Princess.

Here is another video for an exclusive tour and look inside the Cinderella Castle Suite. It is probably the closest that any of us are going to get!

The Cinderella Castle Suite is on the fourth floor and is accessed by a special elevator.

Inside, the Cinderella Suite is perhaps smaller than most people imagine at just 650 square feet. You would assume that Cinderella could need more space!


The bedroom has 2 beautiful Queen-sized beds facing an ornate fireplace. Above the bedroom fireplace is a 17th-century style portrait of Cinderella.

However, all is not what it seems as the portrait magically transforms into a flat-screen television. A Princess shouldn’t have to lift a finger so there is a remote control for the lights and the fireplace.

Cinderella’s Glass Slipper finds pride of place in the Suite.


The Cinderella Suite bathroom has a huge garden tub with ornate stained glass windows and a twinkling star ceiling. This is one of the most spectacular features of the Cinderella Suite.

The master bathroom has double sinks – Cinderella and her Prince can get ready together!

Guests may be surprised that it isn’t easy to get a view of the Magic Kingdom from the Suite. The windows are small and made of stained glass.

There is a balcony outside the Disney Cinderella Suite but it is not accessible for guests.

Cinderella Castle Suite Price


So how do you make a reservation for Cinderella’s Castle Suite? Unfortunately, you can’t. This really is something that money cannot buy.

Disney occasionally gives away a night’s stay as a prize.

The last guest known to have stayed at the Cinderella Suite was Kevin Jonas and his wife Danielle as they celebrated their first wedding anniversary on December 19th, 2010.

Tom Cruise also stayed in the Cinderella Suite with Suri. Mariah Carey has also had the privilege of staying there.

So obviously being an international superstar, preferably one who has made Disney many millions of dollars, must help in getting a reservation!

Disney Magic Kingdom Hotels

You may have little chance of staying inside the Cinderella Castle, but you can most certainly stay very close to it. You can even have a room at Disney World which has a fabulous view of Cinderella Castle.

You can pick any one of the amazing Disney World Monorail Hotels.

The Disney World Grand Floridian Resort Hotel, The Polynesian, and Disney’s Contemporary Resort Hotel all have rooms with a view of Cinderella Castle and the Magic Kingdom. You are just a short walk or monorail ride away from the Magic Kingdom.

All photos by Disney Parks unless otherwise stated

So what would you give to stay inside Cinderella Castle Suite? Leave a comment below!

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  1. What we would give for my daughter and I to stay here
    A chance of a lifetime
    A beautiful way to appreciate
    The history of Disney between a mother and daughter
    Growing up with all the princess movies, costumes,art
    She is 17 and this chance to stay in the elegant
    Enchanted castle would be amazing
    Just a love of the parks
    A love for each other
    We thank you for all you have done
    Through the years .. all our movie nights , princess tea parties
    You got us through so much in our lives
    We love you Disney !!!

  2. I have a friend who has always loved Disney even as an adult it’s her favorite place on earth. She has a extremely rare lung disease had had to have transplant. Lung transplants are the hardest to overcome and every day for her is a gift and she’s on borrowed as lung transplant recipients average five years, she’s three years down. I would love for her to get to stay at this castle just one night.

  3. We would love to stay one night in the castle! We are not rich, we are not famous, we don’t have a story to tell. We are just an ordinary family who loves Disney! It is definitely our happy place. From the moment we get to Disney, we can’t stop smiling! We love everything about it. It would be an absolute dream come true! And who’s to say our dreams can’t come true one day. Disney has taught us to be dreamers!!?

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