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Disney Avatar Land Construction Begins At Animal Kingdom

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Disney Avatar Land Construction Begins At Animal Kingdom

Disney Avatar Land Construction Begins At Animal Kingdom! We have been waiting some time to hear the news that construction is actually starting on Avatar Land in Disney’s Animal Kingdom and the news is that ground has just been broken on this innovative new land. The announcement that there would be an Avatar Land came over 2 years ago in 2011 – but what will it really add to Animal Kingdom?

I have to admit that I am skeptical about Avatar Land. The movie Avatar just doesn’t seem to be the best concept for a Disney park for me, but I do still keep an open mind. Disney’s Animal Kingdom is at the moment last on my list of all the Disney theme parks to visit and clearly something has to be done to make guests excited about a visit there. At this moment I have to confess that I wish that the money was being spent elsewhere – mostly I desperately want to see a Star Wars Land!

Disney Avatar Land

One element of change that definitely does capture my interest is that there will be a night time version of Kilimanjaro Safari. Disney parks are showing a strong commitment to making Animal Kingdom a night time destination. It is very limiting that the park closes most evenings by 5pm at the moment and so there is a desperate need to make the park hours longer in Animal Kingdom. All of these changes are going to make a big difference to how guests visit Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park.

There will also be a new nighttime show on Discovery River. Maybe using the same kind of technology as Disney California Adventure World of Color. Also promised are live performers on Discovery Island.

I am sure that Avatar Land will be an amazing blend of technology and Disney magic. The question for me still remains as to whether it is the right thing for Disney and whether guests will really connect with this movie story.

Disney Avatar Land is scheduled to open some time in 2016.

Are you looking forward to Avatar Land?

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