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Disney Cruise Ears To Make at Home

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Do you want to know how to make Disney Cruise Ears? Here we show you step by step how you can make these gorgeous Disney Cruise Line Ears.

Disney Cruise Ears
How To Make Disney Cruise EarsD

The Disney Shop has some fabulous Disney Cruise Line Ears. However, if you want to have some fun and make your own custom Disney ears with a Disney Cruise line theme, we show you how!

It can be a lot of fun to vary the fabric colors and patterns so that you have your very own unique Disney ears. You can use this design and the Disney Ears Template PDF we have for you below, to make lots of different designs. The only limit is your imagination!

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DIY Disney Cruise Ears Supplies

  • Headband
  • Cardboard or chipboard
  • Template – see below for the Disney Cruise Ears Template PDF
  • Navy and white striped quilting cotton
  • Red fabric for bow 15”x 8” plus 1”x 5” (see note) 
  • Rope Trim
  • Anchor Charm
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Poly Fil Stuffing
  • Pencil
  • Fabric Marker (optional)

Note: The glittery fabric I used is called Special Occasion Confetti Dot from Joanns. If you want to use this, it needs a layer of red cotton underneath to keep its shape.

If you use any sturdier fabric, you should be able to do it with just one layer. Regardless, the small strip in the center does not need backing. 

Disney Ears Template PDF

Just click on the link above to download the file.

Disney Cruise Line Ears DIY Instructions

Disney Cruise Ears Instruction
Disney Cruise Ears – Items Needed To Make Your Own
  1. Cut out the smaller template and trace it 4x on your cardboard. Cut out and set aside. 
Disney Cruise Line Ears

2. Cut out the larger template and trace it onto the fabric 4x.

Make sure for two of the cuts, the flat side is parallel to the stripes, and for the other two, it is perpendicular to the stripes. 

Flip the fabric upside down and lay the cardboard, centered, on top.

Hot glue the edges of the fabric over the cardboard in small segments, being careful not to pull too tightly or move the fabric around. Leave the bottoms open.

Next stuff a little bit of polyfil into the opening of each ear. Just enough to give it a little volume. Be careful not to stuff it too full and bend the cardboard. 

Hot glue the remaining fabric down over the opening and cut off any excess. 

Next match up the two ears that have stripes facing in the same direction.

Spread a generous amount of hot glue around the back of one, making sure to get in the middle and around all the edges.

Press the two ears together. Repeat for the other side. 

Make your own Disney Cruise Ears

Glue a strand of rope around the outer edge to cover the seam between the front and back of each ear.

Cut the ends of the rope on an angle and dab a bot of glue over it to help prevent fraying. 

Make custom Disney Cruise Line Ears

Glue the ears into place on the headband.

DIY Hmemade Disney Cruise Ears

To start the bow, fold in the long edges of your fabric to the center and glue into place with a dot of glue in the middle and at each end. 

Next fold back and glue the short edges just enough that you can’t see the raw edges. 

Fold the short edges to the center and glue unto place the same as the long edges. It’s important not to make a line of glue here or the bow won’t be able to fold. 

Next, accordion fold the middle of the bow.

Then hot glue in between the creases on both sides. (Let the glue dry before you flip it over to put glue on the second side.

Now take your small strip of fabric and glue the long edges to the center 

Wrap the strip around the center of your bow to hide the glue and form the “knot”. 

Hot glue the center of the headband so that you can stick the bow to the band.

Glue your anchor charm onto the middle of the bow.

How to Make Disney Cruise Ears

Enjoy your finished Disney Cruise Line Ears!

Disney Cruise Ears DIY

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