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DIY Rapunzel Tangled Lantern

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Learn how to make this DIY Rapunzel Tangled Lantern. One of the most romantic scenes in any Disney movie is the lantern scene in Tangled.

Rapunzel has seen the lanterns for many years from her tower window but never knew that they are to celebrate her birthday and hope for her return. Whose heart doesn’t melt a little when they hear “I See the Light”?

Now you can make your very own Disney Rapunzel Tangled Lantern Candle Holder!

DIY Disney Tangled Lantern

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Tangled Candle Holder

Here are the things that you will need to make your Tangled Movie Lantern Candle Holder.


Rapunzel Tangled Lantern Candle Holder



Upload the sun motif cut file to Design Space (or Silhouette Studio) and duplicate and resize for your candle holders.

You will need one lantern sun motif for each candle holder.


Use your cutting machine to make the sun decals from self-adhesive vinyl.


Cut apart the vinyl so each decal is on its own square.


Weed each one separately, making sure all the little sun arms all stay in place. 


Cut out a square of transfer tape just bigger than the decals. Press the transfer tape firmly onto the decal, and peel off the paper backing. Again, go slowly, making sure all the little pieces stay in place. 


Center the decal and transfer tape over the front of your candle holder, and press down in the middle. Smooth the decal down onto the glass, starting in the middle, and moving outward. Peel off the transfer tape. 


Next, measure the height of your candle holder, and cut a strip of crepe paper  just a bit wider than your measurement, and long enough to wrap around the glass with just a small overlap. 


Use your brush to lay down a layer of mod podge in the back of the candle holder from top to bottom. Press one end of your crepe paper strip down, and then lay another layer of mod podge on top of it.


Wrap the strip of crepe paper the rest of the way around the candle holder and use the Mod Podge one more time to glue it in place. 

Cut any extra crepe paper so that it is flush with both the top and the bottom of the candle holder. 


Tips for Making the DIY Rapunzel Tangled Lantern Candle Holder

  1. Depending on the crepe paper and vinyl you use, you might not be able to see the decal at first, but when you light the candle inside, it should show the shadow clearly. 
  2. Since the materials are all placed on the outside, it’s ok to use real candles inside these candle holders. But LED candles are a safer option!
  3. To make a more permanent lantern, cover the crepe paper in Mod Podge all the way around, not just at the seam.

Have you made a Disney Tangled Lantern?

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