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Disney Cruise Palo Price Increases to $25

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Disney Cruise Palo Price Increase

Disney Cruise Palo Price Increases to $25 from $20 for both brunch and dinner. The date that the price increase at Palo takes effect will depend upon which Disney Cruise Ship you are sailing on.

October 3, 2013: Disney Dream
October 5, 2013: Disney Wonder and Disney Fantasy
October 20, 2013: Disney Magic

If you have already made your Palo reservation you will only be charged $20.

Is Palo worth the extra charge? We have just sailed on board Disney Wonder on the Panama Canal cruise and really enjoyed our brunch at Palo. The choices and quality of the food are excellent. We have enjoyed many Palo brunches now and will most definitely book again even with the increased price. It isn’t too long ago that the Palo Brunch charge was only $10, but so long as it doesn’t rise above the $25 price point we will continue to book.

Unfortunately we can’t say the same about the Palo Dinner. We had decided to make a reservation for Palo dinner this time as it was a 14 night cruise. Usually we haven’t booked a Palo dinner before because we enjoy the main dining rooms so much and don’t want to miss a night there. But this time I really felt we should give it a try. Within the first hour I wished I hadn’t!

The food was incredibly slow to arrive. We did need gluten free food for my husband but they were well aware of this and usually handle everything so well. In fact for the brunch there were lots of options. For the dinner most things just seemed to be impossible to convert to gluten free.

For the brunch the chef had gone out of his way to create special gluten free options, but at dinner this just didn’t seem to be on offer. The restaurant didn’t seem busy and unfortunately whilst we were waiting we did witness the chef’s volatile temperament (which was later explained away as “well he is Italian”).

We spent almost 3 hours in Palo. Not a leisurely 3 hours, but a long time hungry and getting slightly annoyed. We witnessed others complaining too. Not what we expected at all.

The food when it did arrive was just OK. Maybe it was because the experience had been spoiled but neither of us was impressed. The brunch for us is excellent. The dinner was just disappointing.

To be fair they did make a big effort to make us happy but saying that we could dine there for dessert any time we wanted, and even that they would bring dessert to our room. The manager of Palo even came to see us in Triton’s one evening to repeat the offer. This for us wasn’t the point though. We had wanted a high quality experience at that time, and unfortunately we just didn’t get it.

I am sure many have an amazing experience in Palo and I will certainly recommend brunch to anyone. I doubt very much that we will give dinner at Palo another try for a very long time though certainly not now the price has increased to $25 each.

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