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Monsters University DVD

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monsters university dvd

The wait is almost over! Monsters University is now available to pre order on DVD and Blu-ray ahead of it’s release on 29th October. If you haven’t yet seen the movie it is one of Pixar’s best with something for all members of the family to enjoy.

Monsters University is a prequel to the very successful Monsters Inc. Did you ever wonder how you train to be a scarer? Or how Mike and Sulley first met? Like many life long friends they met at college – and now you can see what happened to them when they first met at Monsters University.

Here you can watch a video clip which shows the first day at Monsters University class. Helen Mirren is fabulous as Dean Abigail Hardscrabble.

Of course if you are a devoted Pixar fan you will know that in the original movie Monsters Inc Mike says to Sulley, “You’ve been jealous of my good looks since the fourth grade.” The people at Pixar gave a lot of thought as to whether or not to incorporate this into the new movie. In the end they decided not to as it just did not work for the new story where Mike and Sulley meet for the first time in college.

We can’t wait to watch the Monsters University movie again when we sail on our Disney cruise in a few days time! To get into the Monsters University mind set my kids have really enjoyed these activities. Just click on the banner below

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Monsters University (DVD)

and Monsters University (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy) are released on 29th October but you can pre order your copy right now!

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