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Disney Dining Plan Price Increase

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Disney Dining Plan Price Increase

The Disney Dining Plan prices have increased. This is another price increase for Disney World coming shortly after the price rises for tickets last month. Here is the new pricing for the Disney World Dining Plan for 2014:

Quick Service Dining Plan Price

Adults $41.99 – increased from $39.64
Child (3 to 9) $16.03 – increased from $15.75

Each Quick Service Dining Plan at Disney World allows each guest on the plan to have 2 Quick Service Meals and 1 Snack per day. You also receive a Resort Refillable Mug.

Standard Disney Dining Plan Cost

Adults $60.64 – increased from $58.68
Child (3 to 9) $19.23 – increased from $18.88

The Standard Disney Dining Plan includes One Restaurant Full Service Meal, A Quick Service Meal and A Snack per day. This also includes a Resort Refillable Mug per guest.

Disney Deluxe Dining Plan Pricing

Adults $109.53 – increased from $104.94
Child (3 to 9) $29.86 – increased from $29.51

The Disney Deluxe Dining Plan includes 3 meals which can be Quick or Full Service. 2 Snacks are included as well as the Resort Refillable Mug.


We wrote last month about our experiences with the Disney Dining Plan and how we did not think that it was worth the money for us. You can see this at Disney Dining Plan The Downside.

These latest changes make it even less viable for us to buy the Disney Dining Plan (except of course we can probably expect that meal and food prices go up throughout Disney World).

The Disney Dining Plan price increases per person per day are not as big as they could have been. But it will still make a difference when you add up all of those small price increases.

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What do you think of the Disney Dining Plan price increases?

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