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Disney Frozen Let It Go In 25 Languages

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Disney Frozen Let It Go is undoubtedly one of the best Disney movies songs in decades.

Disney Frozen Let It Go In 25 Languages

Now you can hear Disney Frozen Let It Go in 25 languages.

This is an absolutely fascinating insight into the way that Disney’s Frozen and Let It Go have been interpreted into all these different languages.

Rick Dempsey is Senior Vice President of Creative Disney Character Voices International (how much do I seriously want that job).

It is his task to find voice talent for Disney animated movies in foreign languages. For Frozen that meant 41 different languages.

Disney movies have become so much more international in recent times – for The Lion King they only had 15 different languages to find.

Obviously, it is no small challenge to find a voice that matches up to the amazing talent of Idina Menzel.

But as you will hear from the video it is certainly something that Dempsey accomplished.

Interestingly Dempsey himself only speaks English. In some ways, this is probably an advantage as he can focus on the sound rather than the words.

Disney Frozen Let It Go

Certainly, the Let It Go 25 different language versions blend so well some of it is seamless and you could be fooled into thinking that some of the versions were sung by Idina Menzel in a different language – but you would be wrong!

I think it is fascinating to hear not only the different words but also the different vocal styles.

They all compliment Idina Menzel but add a different dimension according to their language and culture.

So who are the voices behind some of the other languages in Disney’s Frozen Let It Go?

Gisela sings the Spanish Castilian and Catalan versions, actress Serena Autieri voices the Italian rendition. Willemijn Verkaik who is a musical theater star in The Netherlands sings the German and Dutch versions.

Popstar and actress in Japan Takako Matsu sings the Japanese Let It Go. The Latin American and Spanish version is performed by Mexican actress and singer Carmen Sarahi. Marsha Milan Landoh sings the Malay language Let It Go. The Russian version is sung by jazz vocalist Anna Burturlina.

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Which is your favorite of the 25 Let It Go versions?

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