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Disney Pixar Slow Cooker

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This Disney Pixar Slow Cooker will make a great addition to any Pixar fan’s kitchen!

This really attractive Pixar slow cooker not only looks great on your countertop – it is a really useful addition to home.

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Disney Pixar Slow Cooker

No matter how great it looks you want to be sure that your Disney Pixar 7-quart oval slow cooker is a great kitchen appliance.

We all know how we should be planning our meals more so that we can save money and provide great food for our family.

Disney DPX-3 Slow Cooker, 20 oz, Multicolor

A slow cooker is a must for any busy family and this fabulous Disney Pixar slow cooker is functional as well as great looking.

Disney Pixar Oval Slow Cooker More Details

The Disney Pixar design on this slow cooker

is just adorable.

There are 29 different Pixar characters on the side of the slow cooker.

Whether you want to make Seasoned Chicken with Vegetables, Mac and Cheese, Southwest Chicken, Pulled Pork, or an amazing Beef Casserole the possibilities are endless with this Disney Pixar 7-quart oval slow cooker.

The timer in the shape of a rocket ship is a nice touch on the Disney Pixar slow cooker.

The 7-quart capacity means that it is great for a family or just two people.

You can always freeze any leftovers that you have – then you have a really easy meal that is great value as well. It has 3 settings – low, high, and warm.

This is going to look great on your countertop and it has nonskid rubber feet so it will stay put where you want it to be.

You really need any insert of a slow cooker to be dishwasher safe.

Fortunately, this Disney Pixar slow cooker insert is fully dishwasher safe, so clean-up is easy.

Disney Pixar Oval Slow Cooker, 7 quart, Black

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