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Disney Villains Wedding Dresses

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Looking for a Disney wedding dress but want something different from the usual Princess look?

Why not choose a Disney Villains Wedding Dress?

New for 2024, Allure has once again released a Disney Fairy Tale Weddings collection.

But this collection has a bit of a twist. It celebrates the Disney villains, the Evil Queen, Jafar, Ursula, and Maleficent.

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Evil Queen Wedding Dress

Be the fairest of them all in this Evil Queen-inspired wedding dress.

This very classic silhouette has a tulle base with a fabulous design of sequins. There is also a cape available separately for a bit of added drama (and coverage).

If you aren’t quite enamored with the black and gold design it is also available in ivory.

Maleficent Wedding Dress

Channel your inner Maleficent with this gorgeous gown, also available in both black and green, and ivory.

The sheath dress has a dark green base layer that is magnificently adorned with black applique. The dress dramatically opens out to a short train that will be certain to catch everyone’s attention.

Add the cape for that very distinctive Maleficent style.

This is also available in ivory.

Ursulla Wedding Dress

We don’t necessarily recommend accessorizing with a trident, but it would certainly be a dramatic look for this spectacular Ursula Disney Villain wedding dress.

This very dramatic classic mermaid shape has a beautifully beaded bodice.

The detachable sleeves add a dramatic touch to this Ursula-inspired gown.

As with all the Villain wedding dress collections, the Ursula dress is available in ivory.

Jafar Wedding Dress

Inspired by the evil villain Jafar in Alladin, this gown has quite a different look from the others in the collection.

It echoes the design of Jafar’s high-collared cape in the movie and stage productions.

There is a definite hint of tuxedo in the bodice design, and the plunging neckline and full skirt, definitely add to the dramatic impact of this gorgeous dress.

If you want a more traditional look the Jafar villains wedding dress is also available in ivory.

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