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Disney Wish Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge Bar Menu – The Experience You Have Been Looking For?

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One of the most highly anticipated features of the new Disney Wish is the Star Wars-themed bar.

If you want to be transported to a Galaxy Far Far Away then the Hyperspace Lounge Bar is the place to be on the Disney Wish.

As you would expect from the Disney Imagineers, the theming is amazingly done.

Disney Wish Star Wars Bar

Even walking through the door of Hyperspace Lounge on the Wish is an immersive experience. That distinctive swish sound makes you want to go through the door more than once!

Located on Deck 3 this Star Wars Bar on the Disney Wish is a relatively small space. In fact, it’s an incredibly small space.

But everyone on the Wish really should step inside this innovative bar at least once – if only to experience the sound of that swishy door!

How Do You Get Into Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge on the Disney Wish?

The Lounge is located on Deck 3 on the port side, next to The Bayou.

When Disney Wish was first launched this bar was so popular that a reservation system had to be developed.

Its popularity has waned since those early days and now, you can just walk in at any time and see for yourself if a table is available.

Most times I have done this there has been some seating available, particularly at the bar, which is one of the best places to sit as you can see the huge screen behind it, and also watch the bartenders make those interesting cocktails.

Are kids allowed in Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge? Yes, but only before 9 pm when it becomes an adult-only space.

Hyperspace Lounge Impressions – What is it Really Like?

I know I keep saying this but the bar is small. And I was disappointed.

I really think that this was a missed opportunity and the design just isn’t quite right.

The screens are the focal point of the bar and there are some interesting scenes on there. But the novelty of this soon wears off.

And the screens themselves just weren’t all that impressive as they are chopped up so this doesn’t help with any sense of immersion.


The seating itself really isn’t very comfortable. The seat groupings are all for larger parties so it doesn’t make for the most effective use of the space either.

For me, the promise of the outside with that fabulous sliding door really leads to less than what I had hoped for.

Disney Wish Star Wars Bar Menu

For those who do go to the lounge, you have the chance to spend almost as much on a drink as you would on a stay in the Disney Star Wars-themed hotel in Florida.

If you have $5,000 spare you can indulge in a Kaiburr Crystal which is described as the “galaxy’s rarest and valuable cocktail”.

What is the Kailburr Crystal?

One of the most talked about elements of the Disney Wish Star Wars Bar as soon as it opened was the Kailburr Crystal Cocktail which has a $5,000 price tag.

Fortunately for $5,000 you do get more than the drink and the experience of it being served.

Firstly the “vessel” that the drink is served in is apparently known as a camtono. This can be seen The Empire Strikes BackThe Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett. There is it shown to be used as a safe – which is appropriate for your $5,000 drink!

Anyone wanting to keep this highly individual container after shelling out such a huge amount of money is going to be disappointed. You do not get to take this home.

You do get some other souvenirs to pack in your suitcase though:

  • Star Wars backpack and water bottle
  • A Hyperspace-themed room decoration
  • A bottle of personalized sparkling Skywalker Vineyards wine.
  • Four silver plated glasses that arrive with your cocktail.

I can tell you are probably still wondering where the value is going to kick in.

Well fortunately it does as the Kailburr Crystal comes with a voucher for one person to visit Skywalker Ranch.

This is a pretty exclusive and valuable trip as Skywalker Ranch is not open to the public. Note that this is a voucher for one. The only way a friend is coming along with you is if they also have $5,000 to spend.

The Kailburr Crystal is probably also the only cocktail to include a Star Wars-themed escort off the ship.

For those who perhaps have a little less to spend than that, the Cocktails start at $15, wines from the Skywalker Vineyard start at $14.50 per glass and a Galaxy Brew beer is available for $10.

This is also a great chance to upgrade to a Star Wars-themed souvenir cup for $12 each. There is a choice of 3 different designs including a Porg cup.



  • Batuu | Spire Sunset
    Grown on the sides of the planet’s petrified spires. Saigon Bagur, Kumquat, Lychee, Coconut.
  • Mustafar | Berken’s Flow
    From the largest lavafall of the galaxy. SelvaRey Coconut, Rumchata, Godiva Chocolate, Coconut Water.
  • Coruscant | The Chancellor
    Enjoyed by the senate elite members. Hennessy James, Calvados Menorval 1972.
  • Moons of Endor | The Golden One
    A mix of herbs and berries from the Forest Moon surface. Belvedere Blackberry & Lemongrass, Amaretto Velvet.
  • Tatooine | Freetown Reserve
    Made of Bantha hides mashed with fermented grains. Woodford Reserve Double Oaked.
  • Astroid Belt | Pickled Mynock
    Proudly servin’ to any partygoer eager to fuel up. Código 1530 Artesenal Mezcal, Cointreau Blood Orange, Baileys Salted Caramel.
  • Hyperspace Lounge Glass
    Add a Hyperspace Lounge Glass with the purchase of any cocktail


  • Coaxium Trio
Disney Wish Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge Bar

Zero Proof (Non-Alcoholic)

  • Cloud City
    Oat Milk, Blue Raspberry, Galaxy Ice Cream
  • Cloud City with Porg souvenir glass
    Oat Milk, Blue Raspberry, Galaxy Ice Cream
  • Temple Twist
    Apple, Mint, Pineapple, Ginger Beer, Kiwi
  • Temple Twist with Porg souvenir glass
    Apple, Mint, Pineapple, Ginger Beer, Kiwi

Kaiburr Crystal

  • Kaiburr Crystal
    The galaxy’s rarest and valuable cocktail

George Lucas’ visionary brilliance transitions seamlessly from screen to a vineyard panoramic where he has assembled the ultimate cast; including world-class winemakers, wineries in California and Italy which are ripe with potential, and an architectural vernacular that ties everything together in an unrivaled wine experience.

Wines – Italy

  • Viandante Del Cielo – “Lungolago”
    Glass: $20.00
  • Viandante Del Cielo – “Viandante”
    Glass: $33.00
  • Viandante Del Cielo – “Pristinvm”
    Glass: $27.00

Wines – France

  • Bastide de Margüi, 1784 Rosé
    Glass: $20.00
  • Bastide de Margüi, 1784 Vin Blanc
    Glass: $27.00
  • Bastide de Margüi, 1784 Vin Rouge
    Glass: $33.00

Wines – USA

  • Skywalker Pinot Noir Rosé
    Glass: $14.50
  • Skywalker Chardonnay
    Glass: $18.00
  • Skywalker Pinot Noir
    Glass: $31.00
  • Skywalker Sparkling
    Glass: $50.00

The Flight of Skywalker

  • The Flight of Skywalker
    An intergalactic tour through the flavors of the Skywalker vineyards of Marin County. Rose, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Sparkling.

Galaxy Brews

  • Batuuan Harvest Brew
    4.3%. A popular drink enjoyed by local Batuuans and travelers during the annual Batuuan Harvest Festival, the Harvest Brew celebrates the beautiful bounty that the planet enjoys every harvest season.
  • Mustafarian Black Ale
    8.5%. Inspired by this volcanic world, the Mustafarian Black Ale captures the dark history and legends that took place on the planet, which was also the site of Darth Vader’s personal sanctum

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Will you be trying to get a reservation for the Disney Wish Star Wars bar?

K Mac

Thursday 30th of May 2024

Walking in - after reading so much about the Hyperspace - we were prepared to be amazed. The drinks were fun and delicious - the theming was fun, but it was not the over-the-top, immersive experience we expected. If there hadn't been so much hype - from both DCL and cruise reviewers - we probably would have been more impressed, but overall the lounge fell short. Were we glad we went - absolutely! Did we feel the need to return after our first visit - no. And I agree 100% with all of your comments.