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Disney Wish Enchante Menus – What Is So Special About This Fine Dining Restaurant?

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Disney Wish offers a brand new restaurant for Disney Cruise Line. This is the most prestigious, and indeed expensive, dining experience available on the Disney Wish.

The menu is designed by three-Michelin-starred Chef Arnaud Lallement.

Disney Cruise fans will of course recognize the name as Chef Lallement is one of the experts responsible for the highly acclaimed Remy restaurant on board the Dream and the Fantasy.

The Enchante dining room is split into two areas, each offering the same dining experience. There is also a private 10-seat dining room.

The space is beautiful and elegant. Just like Remy, it offers amazing ocean views.

All guests must be aged 18 and over. Reservations are essential.

The Dining Experience

Enchante is located on Deck 12 of Disney Wish.

To get to both Palo and Enchante you have to walk along the corridor to the Rose Bar.

Take some time to look at all the pictures on the walls in this corridor which is a tribute to Beauty and the Beast.

This corridor leads to the Rose Bar.

Make sure that you allow time for a pre-dinner drink in this fabulous bar on Disney Wish.

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Stroll down another long corridor to reach Enchante Restaurant.


The entrance to the restaurant has a beautiful chandelier.

And the restaurant opens out to spectacular views fro the floor to ceiling windows.

Everywhere has fine detailing. Look at the blinds and you will see an ornate rose design.

The tables are well-spaced away from each other. There is even a table for your purse!

Even the bathrooms are beautiful! Rarely have I seen rose petals in a restaurant bathroom …

There are so many amazing dining experiences on Disney Wish. Check out our comprehensive guide below if you want to know everything about the restaurants on Disney Wish.


Every Disney Wish Restaurant Menu

Enchante Menus on the Disney Wish

Currently, there are three different dining experiences offered:

  • Enchante Brunch
  • Enchante Just Desserts
  • Enchante Dinner

Enchante Champagne Brunch Menu

The Enchante Brunch is a prix fixe menu that includes a glass of bubbly and a decadent dessert for $75.

  • Tomato Pie
  • Braised Pork with Salad
  • Halibut with Creamy Scrambled Eggs, Herb Condiment
  • Chicken with Gnocchi, Poulette Sauce and Lemon

Enchante Just Desserts

This is a 5-course dessert menu served with coffee for $60 per person.

This event will include an in-depth discussion with the Executive Chef and Pastry Chef of Enchante who will discuss the history and evolution of each sweet selection.

Enchante Dinner Menu

Disney Wish Enchante Menu

Here you have a choice of one of two experiences – either The Collection or Passion.

The Collection is priced at $195 per person and is a dinner menu that combines both new creations and Enchante Signature Dishes.

It will change according to what is best in season that the market has to offer at the time that you dine.

The Passion option is $125 per person and offers:

  • SOIL GROWN TOMATOES / 12 Hour Confit / Tomato Water
  • JOHN DORY / Sea Urchin / Plankton
  • WILD HALIBUT / Onion Confit / Vermouth Sauce


You can also order a la carte

  • SOIL GROWN TOMATOES / 12 Hour Confit / Tomato Water 25
  • LANGOUSTINES / Finger Lime / Creamy Broth 50
  • CAVIAR / Smoked Haddock / Finger Potatoes 85
  • MAINE LOBSTER / In Homage to My Father 65
  • WILD HALIBUT / Onion Confit / Vermouth 45
  • TURBOT / Sloe-Cooked Celery / Vin Jaune 50
  • POULARDE FERMIERE / Vegetarian Confit / Poulette Sauce 45
  • GRILLED BEEF / Poivrade Artichoke / Beef Jus 45
  • SQUAB PIDGEON FERMIERE / Turnip Relish 50

Desserts at Enchante

Chocolate Valrhona, Praline 19.00

Raspberry Honey, Red berry juice 19.00

Apricot Almond, Natural apricot juice 19.00

Diners can add a Champagne Journey for $140 or a Wine Experience for $115 Per Person.



Most of the food is included on the Disney Wish.

Here you can see all the menus for the three main dining restaurants.

You will experience each one of these restaurants on your Disney Wish Cruise as you “rotate” between the on each different night.


Your Disney Cruise Servers will come with you so that they get to know you and your likes and dislikes so that they can make your dining experience extra special.