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Disney Wonder Capacity

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How many guests can sail on the Disney Wonder?

Disney Wonder was the second of the ships to be built to join the Disney Cruise Line fleet.

She was launched in 1998 and along with her sister ship, Disney Magic is known as a “Classic” ship.

Disney Cruise Line is going through a time of rapid expansion. Currently, there are 5 Disney cruise ships, but by the time 2025 ends, there will be eight Disney ships.

Disney Australia Cruise Prices

There are 3 different “classes” of Disney ships:

  • The Classic Ships – Disney Magic and Disney Wonder
  • The Dream Class Ships – Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy
  • The Triton Class Ships – Disney Wish and Disney Treasure (due to launch in 2024).

There will be one other Triton Class ship due to launch in 2025.

In addition, there will be another mega-sized ship to join the Disney fleet in 2025. This 75% completed ship was acquired by DCL in 2022 after the original owner declared bankruptcy.

What Will the New Disney Mega-Ship Be Like?

Capacity of Disney Wonder Cruise Ship

Gross Tonnage: 83969 GT
Ship Length: 984 feet
Beam: 106 feet
Draft: 25 feet
Max Speed: 25 mph (22 knots)
Launched: 1998
Capacity: 2,713 passengers
Crew Members: 945
Total on Board: 3,658
Total Staterooms: 875
Registered: Bahamas
Ship Cost: $450 Million

Disney Wonder Passenger Capacity

Disney Wonder can accommodate up to 2,713 passengers, although it is rare that she will ever reach this total. This is because most staterooms will not be occupied to capacity.

There are a total of 875 staterooms on the Disney Fantasy

  • 256 Inside Staterooms (29%)
  • 619 Outside Staterooms (71%)
    • 237 ocean view
    • 332 verandah (includes 21 suites)

How Fast Does the Disney Wonder Sail?

The Disney Wonder has a maximum speed of 25 mph or 22 Knots.

Disney Wonder is almost exactly the same length as the Eiffel Tower. The Wonder is 984 feet long and the Eiffel Tower is 986 feet high.

Disney Wonder Restaurants

There are 3 rotational dining restaurants on the Disney Wonder:

  • Triton’s
  • Tiana’s Place
  • Animator’s Palate

There is also an adult-only restaurant with an additional charge – Palo.