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Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge Pool

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Wanting to know more about the Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge Pool?

When you are choosing a Disney Hotel Resort for your vacation you need to think about many things that will influence your choice.

Location, theme, design, the standard of the rooms, and restaurants available in the resort are all some of the things to consider.

However, don’t forget to look at the swimming pool as some really are better than others in the Disney Hotel Resorts.

disney animal kingdom lodge pool
Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge Uzima Springs Pool

Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge Pool is one of the best.

Overview of Disney Animal Kingdom Hotel Resort

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Resort is made up of two different hotels, each with its own swimming pool:

  • Jambo House with the Uzima Springs Pool
  • Kidani Village with the Samawati Springs Pool

The larger resort with the largest pool is Jambo House.

This was the first hotel to be built on the site and it opened on April 16, 2001, almost 3 years after Disney’s Animal Kingdom park opened.

Kidani Village Resort, which is a Disney Vacation Club Resort, opened in 2007.

Jambo House Uzima Springs Pool

This is the largest pool on the resort at over 1,000 square feet with a 234,980-gallon capacity.

The area surrounding the pool is an 11,000 square feet oasis. There is lush tropical planting all around the pool area.

It is one of the most relaxing places on a Disney Resort and I often walk around there even if I am not staying in the hotel.

It is a lot of fun to visit Boma or Jiko and then walk around the pool area and to the back of the resort where you can look over the savanna. It really is a unique experience.

All of the area around the swimming pool is beautifully landscaped.


There are 2 hot tubs that are set back from the pool and surrounded by tropical trees.

There is also a separate children’s pool.

There are many activities that take place around the pool at Animal Kingdom Lodge Jambo House.

Here is a sample of the daily activities which are scheduled.


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Animal Kingdom Lodge Pool Bar

disney animal kingdom lodge mara bar

The Uzima Springs Bar is just steps away from the pool.

There is a small playground towards the back of the swimming pool area.

This is a place where my children spent many happy hours over the years!

Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge Playground Jambo House

As you can see from the picture below, the area is just beautiful.

The savanna is just a short walk from the pool and you can stand in one of the many vantage points to see how many different animals you can see.

Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge Pool View Room

When you are choosing which category of room you will book at Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge you will have a choice of three categories:

  • Standard View
  • Pool View
  • Savanna View

The most popular choice is the Savanna View Rooms.

These have a view of the Animal Kingdom Resort Savanna – a very unique view as you can step out onto your balcony and have the chance of seeing many different species of animals including giraffes and zebras!

However, another great choice is a pool view. The price will be lower than for a Savanna View – often by a considerable amount per night.

disney animal kingdom lodge pool view room

One thing that you do have to consider with the Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge pool view rooms is that they will most likely experience some noise. They are close to the pool and high-traffic areas of the resort.

The first floor also may feel a little overlooked as people can walk past in front of your room.

What you will notice too about these rooms is that even if you are on the first floor you will not have direct access to the pool.


There is a balcony rail on all the rooms and there is no gate to access the pool directly from your room.

Having said this about the pool view rooms they are often not much higher priced than the standard rooms. Those rooms may have a view of a parking lot, so always think carefully about your choice!

Kidani Village Samawati Springs Pool

The other, smaller, Animal Kingdom Lodge swimming pool is the Samawati Pool at Kidani Village.

Kidani Village is a smaller resort than Jambo House and is a Disney Vacation Club Resort.

This is also a zero-entry pool with a maximum depth of 4’11”.

Samawati Pool at Kidani Village.

The Samawati Springs Pool is quite a bit smaller than the Uzima Springs Pool at 118,138 gallons of water.

The pool has two water slides – a small one for younger children and a larger 128′ slide.

Kidani Village also has a great area for kids – the splash area Uwanja Camp.

There is also a bar – the Maji Pool Bar.

The swimming pool and the area surrounding it at Animal Kingdom Kidani Village is extremely nice – as you would expect from a Disney Deluxe Hotel resort.