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Disney World Frozen Epcot Expansion Has Big Plans For The Future

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Disney Frozen Epcot Attraction

Exciting news that the Disney World Frozen Epcot expansion seems to be way bigger than has been revealed already. It was of course known that there would be a new Disney Frozen themed ride in the Norway Pavilion of Epcot. The last ship sailed on the Maelstrom attraction to make way for a new Frozen themed ride.

However plans filed on the South Florida Water Management District web site suggest that Disney’s plans for expansion at the side and back of the Norway Pavilion are much bigger than the announcements have told us.

The plan filed, which is labeled the Epcot Frozen Meet and Greet shows a 13,000 square foot building. The plans cover 1.08 acres of land between Mexico and Norway as well as some areas previously used as back stage areas.

The plans call the expansion “Epcot Frozen Meet and Greet” but we think it is fair to speculate that a 13,000 square foot building is way too large just to house a character greeting attraction. Of course Anna and Elsa are amazingly popular but that is a huge amount of space just to house a meet and greet.

The area between the Norway and Mexico Pavilion is a good sized space which at the moment is a wooded area. With the additional space at the back also included in the plans we are guessing that the plan is to have an Arendelle land, a new attraction and a Frozen Meet and Greet.

The plans say that they will include “a Disney guest attraction and a women’s restroom”. I guess Disney thinks that most of the guests in the Frozen attraction are going to be little Princesses and their moms!

What do you think about the plans for a Disney Frozen themed area in Epcot?

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