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10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Disney Frozen

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Here are some fun facts about Disney’s Frozen movie. How many did you know?


Disney Frozen Characters Wear Underwear


The costumes in the movie are beautiful and were very complex to create. The characters have many layers to their costumes, including underwear.

There were 245 cloth rigs created for the movie. That is the technical term for the simulated costume.

To put it into perspective as to just what a big number that is, it is more than all of the cloth rigs created for all the previous Disney movies made to date, combined. That’s a whole lot of costumes!

Queen Elsa’s Hair Is Complicated


We all love the part in Let It Go when Elsa lets her hair down out of the braid and it is just perfect.

Elsa’s hair took a long time to develop and has 420,0000 hairs on her head. Humans only have around 100,000. For a Disney Princess comparison, Rapunzel in Tangled only had 27,000 hairs.

The complex animation required for the animation of Elsa’s hair in the movie meant that a new software program called Tonic was created. The effect is absolutely stunning and makes Elsa’s hair look amazingly realistic.

Rapunzel And Eugene Are Guests At Elsa’s Coronation

Disney Frozen Easter Eggs

Rapunzel and Eugene from Tangled appear (very briefly) in Disney’s Frozen. You will have to watch carefully during the song For The First Time In Forever.

Just after Anna sings ‘open up the gates’ you will see Rapunzel and Eugene appear in the entrance to the Palace.

There are many rumors about why Eugene and Rapunzel are in attendance at Elsa’s Coronation. There is a lot of speculation that Anna and Elsa’s parents were traveling to Rapunzel and Eugene’s wedding celebrations when their ship sank.

In the Frozen movie their parents never actually said where they were traveling too, so it could be that there is this other connection between Frozen and Tangled.

See more details of hidden features at Disney Frozen Easter Eggs – Did You Spot Them?

The Snow in Frozen Is Complex

Disney Frozen Fun Facts

The special effects team working on Frozen created a snowflake generator. This meant that they could randomly create 2,000 unique snowflake shapes so making the snow in the movie look so realistic.

The Disney Frozen Production Team Visited An Ice Hotel For Inspiration

Disney Frozen Themed Suite Hotel De Glace

When looking for inspiration for Elsa’s Ice Palace some members of the Frozen movie production team Hotel De Glace in Québec. Reportedly none of the team actually spent the night in the Hotel.

However, you can as Disney’s Frozen Suite is now open at the Hotel De Glace. Staying the night is optional for you too as there are guided tours around the Hotel. But you will have to hurry as it will melt at the end of March!

You can see more details at Disney Frozen Themed Suite

Elsa Was Going To Be The Villain in Disney’s Frozen


The original story idea was that Elsa was going to be the villain in Disney’s Frozen. Elsa was originally developed as an evil character who intentionally curses Arendelle with an eternal winter.

As recently as May 2013 Disney was describing Elsa in a story synopsis as “the cold-hearted Snow Queen”

This was the idea until the songwriters Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez wrote: “Let It Go”. They have said that up until that point Elsa was a villain in the traditional Disney sense, but that in writing the song they explored the idea of a more complex character driven by fear rather than evil.

The casting of Idina Menzel was also a significant factor in changing the character of Elsa and moving her to a more sympathetic character. She was not the first choice for Elsa as actress and singer Megan Mullally was originally cast in the role.

Director Chris Buck commented about the casting of Menzel as Elsa: “Idina has a sense of vulnerability in her voice. She plays a very strong character, but someone who lives in fear—so we needed someone who could portray both sides of the character, and Idina was just amazing.”

The Chocolate Comes From Wreck-It Ralph

Disney Frozen Hidden

Don’t you just love the part in the song ‘For The First Time in Forever’ where Anna confesses that she loves to stuff chocolate in her face?

If you look carefully on the table during Anna’s song you will see that she eats chocolate and candy which look just like those in the Sugar Rush video game that featured in Disney’s Wreck it Ralph.

Disney Frozen Is Translated Into 41 Different Languages

Disney’s Frozen movie is a worldwide phenomenon. It has been translated into 41 different languages. We love this version of Let It Go which is sung in 25 different languages.

It is fascinating to listen to this version to hear not only different words but also the different styles of the singers. Each compliments the amazing talent of Idina Menzel but brings their own style.

A Reindeer Visited Walt Disney Studios

Disney Frozen Sven

Walt Disney animation always goes to great lengths to ensure that the attention to detail is just right. To develop the character of Sven, Walt Disney Studios welcomed a real reindeer through their doors.

This allowed the Disney animators to get the characteristics of a reindeer just right. They were surprised to see that reindeer use their back legs to scratch their ear – and this was shown in the way that Sven scratches in the movie.

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10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Disney Frozen

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