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Disney World Mad Tea Cups Ride

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People of all ages will enjoy the Disney World Mad Tea Cups Ride. If your idea of fun is being spun around in a giant tea cup then this is the Magic Kingdom ride for you! But if you get motion sickness then it is definitely best to watch your family and friends from the sidelines. The ride is one of the few which appear in all all the Disney parks around the world. Even though the official name at Disney World is the Mad Tea Party Ride it is more commonly known as “The Tea Cup Ride”.

Photo by expressmonorail

The theme for the Mad Tea Cup ride is taken from the Unbirthday celebration in Alice in Wonderland. The first thing that you will notice when you approach the Mad Tea Party ride is the bright colors. Multicolored lanterns hang from the covered pavilion. Look for the dormouse in the middle of the ride platform – it pops it’s head out of the tea pot. There are 18 beautifully painted tea cups which are each on a turn table in groups of 6.

Each of the tea cups holds up to 5 guests although this can be a bit of a squeeze. If you are particularly tall it is best to sit at one of the edges closest to the door so that your legs have a bit more room!

The ride is about 90 seconds long but it always seems longer. The tea cups spin on the rotating platform and you can also make them spin more if you move the rotating wheel in the middle of the cup. Be careful when you get out of the tea cup as you will most certainly be dizzy!. Young children usually absolutely love this ride.

The Tea Cups look particularly beautiful at night when the lanterns are all lit and the colors just seem even more magical.

Lines for the Tea Cups aren’t usually too bad. There is no Fast Pass for this attraction. The line moves pretty quickly as it is one of the fast loading rides in Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland.

Sometimes you will even get to ride the Mad Tea Party with one of the Alice in Wonderland characters. The Mad Hatter and Alice can often be see taking a spin on the Mad Tea Cups ride in Disney World and Disneyland!

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