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Walt Disney World Resort Hotels Free Wireless Internet

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Walt Disney World has finally introduced free wireless internet in all of it’s hotels and resorts. Disney World hotels began offering a free wireless service in most of it’s deluxe and some moderate hotel resorts in October 2011. Now the free internet service has been extended to guests of the Walt Disney World hotels in all the resorts.

It is great to see Walt Disney World take this initiative in all of their hotels. TO me there is no justification for any hotel charging an extra fee for internet service. The reality is that these days the majority of hotel guests have a need for an internet connection constantly whilst on the move, and so it seems that hopefully there is now a trend which will see more and more hotel chains offering free wireless connections to guests.

The free WiFi in Walt Disney World hotels will extend to guest rooms, and most common areas including pool side, dining venues, the lobby and also bus stop areas.