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Disney World Ride and Attraction Closures July 2016

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disney world ride and attraction closures july 2016

If you are visiting the most magical place on earth soon you will need to know all of the Disney World ride and attraction closures for July 2016. It is always a good idea to know which Disney World attractions are scheduled to be closed during your visit. There is nothing worse than looking forward to experiencing your favorite Disney World ride and finding out it is scheduled for closure when you arrive!

There will always be unscheduled, temporary ride closures at Walt Disney World. Many of the rides and complex and have sophisticated safety mechanisms. Generally the more technologically advanced the ride, the more likely that it will experience temporary down time. A good example of this is Test Track in Epcot which often experiences short closures throughout the day. This usually means longer spent in line, but you can experience the attraction when it resumes operation.

Walt Disney World plans scheduled ride closures very carefully. That is why you will find the least ride closures during busy times. This of course includes July which is one of the busiest months of the year. Good luck if you are visiting on July 4th as you certainly won’t be alone!

Here are the ride and attraction closures for July 2016:

Disney’s Magic Kingdom Ride Closures July 2016

Fortunately the only attraction closure which is scheduled for Magic Kingdom in July is Swiss Family Treehouse which is closed from 7/06/2016 to 9/24/2016.

The other thing which you do need to know about if you are visiting Magic Kingdom is that the monorail system is undergoing a major refurbishment. This means that closures vary by the day so you should check the schedule each day of your stay. There is often alternative Disney transport available, but it can be an inconvenience, particularly for those who have paid a premium to stay in a Disney monorail hotel.

Epcot Ride and Attraction Closures July 2016

There are no scheduled ride closures for Epcot during July 2016.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Ride Closures July 2016

The Dinosaur ride will be closed from 7/25/2016 until 09/29/2016. There are no other scheduled closures for Animal Kingdom that month.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios Ride Closures July 2016

Disney Hollywood Studios is undergoing a huge redesign project to make way for the new, eagerly awaited, Star Wars Land. This means that many attractions have been permanently closed such as the Lights Motors Action show, The Backlot Tour, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids Movie Set Adventure, and The America Idol Experience.

In July The Voyage of The Little Mermaid show will be closed from 7/24/2016 until 7/27/201. The walk through attraction Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream is closed from 7/16/2016 until 7/19/2016.

The Pizza Planet quick service dining location is also closed for most of 2016.

Will you be visiting Walt Disney World in July 2016?