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Zootopia Backpack For Girls

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Are you looking for the best Zootopia backpack for girls? There are some adorable Zootopia backpacks available right now and here is our guide to the very best.

This is a very cute Zootopia backpack which has girly pink colors and of course the adorable bunny from the movie, Judy Hopps.

You do need to think about the dimensions of this Zootopia backpack as it is definitely on the smaller side so most suitable for younger girls. The dimensions are 12H x 10W x 4D so it is on the small side. It is made of polyester so should stand the test of time pretty well.

This would be an ideal Zootopia backpack for a preschool child. It has adjustable straps so can be the perfect fit for your Zootopia fan.

Disney Zootopia Rabbit Backpack Childrens 13″ School Girls Back Pack

This Zootopia backpack is a good buy if you are looking for something a little bigger. This is sized at approximately 17″ H x 12″ W x 4″ D. It is more of backpack for either boys or girls as the background colors are a unisex blue.

It is nice because it features a number of the Zootopia characters including Nick Wilde. This is more for a slightly older child, and once again should be durable. Your child is going to want this adorable Zootopia backpack for school!

Disney Zootopia Party Animals Backpack Childrens 17″ School Camp Back Pack

This Zootopia backpack is a different style. We know this really isn’t that functional as a school backpack but it is so cute it is difficult to resist! This is definitely the one if you are just looking for something that is cute rather than practical. Great for a road trip where your child can take her favorite Zootopia character Judy Hopps along with her.

Disney – Judy Hopps Backpack – Zootopia – New

This pictured backpack features Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde, although you can also click through and browse some of your other favorite Zootopia characters as there are lots to choose from. This is a backpack for an older child or even an adult fan as it is high quality and you can even fit a laptop inside. There are two convenient side pockets too.

EPSW Cartoon Zootopia Unisex School Backpack Style10

This is a different design to the other Zootopia backpacks. It is made of canvas so it is very durable. It has kind of a retro design look too which you are either going to find really appealing or not so much! What do you think?

New arrival cartoon Zootopia stripes canvas backpack for school

We actually really like this Judy Hopps Zootopia backpack for girls as it is just that little bit different from the others. It is large enough to fit a laptop so is suitable for an older child. It is made from nylon so should stand up to the test of time. It has two large pockets as well as a couple of side pockets which are good to put a water bottle inside. This is a good bet if you are looking for a Zootopia backpack for girls which is a decent size and that should be durable.

EPSW Cartoon Zootopia Unisex School Backpack Style16

Which is your favorite Zootopia backpack for girls?

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