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Disney Zootopia Frozen Easter Egg References To Look Out For

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Disney’s Zootopia movie plays tribute to many different movies and has so many popular culture references it can be difficult to keep up! The movie is most definitely worth more than one viewing as you get more out of it each time that you watch.

Some of the best Zootopia Easter Eggs reference the movie Frozen. Did you spot any of these?

Zootopia Frozen References

If you look very carefully to the left of the screen you will see that the two small elephants are wearing Disney Frozen Queen Elsa and Princess Anna costumes.

This closer view should help!

zootopia frozen easter eggs

It seems as though the craze for dressing up as Anna and Elsa has reached the animal community in Zootopia!

zootopia priscilla sloth

One of the most memorable scenes in the movie is where Judy Hops and Nick Wild go into the DMV which is staffed by sloths. Judy wants to quickly check a plate but is frustrated by how incredibly slow Flash the Sloth is at doing his job. Flash sits next to his colleague Priscilla and wants to share the joke he just heard with her. What you may not have noticed is that Priscilla The Sloth is voiced by Kristen Bell who plays Anna in Frozen. Apparently sloths are Kristen’s favorite animals. She even had one at her thirty first birthday party!

duke weaselton zootopia

Remember the Duke of Weselton in Frozen? He was very anxious to make sure that his title was pronounced Wistle-ton and not Weasel Town! The character Duke Weaselton in Zootopia is voiced by Alan Tudyk who was also the voice of the Duke of Weaselton in Frozen. In a twist on the Frozen movie, the actual weasel in Zootopia says that it should definitely be pronounced Weaselton. A very clever and multi layered Frozen Easter Egg!

Duke also sells bootleg movies on a street corner.These include the movie Floatzen 2.A very clear reference to the upcoming movie sequel for Frozen.


The Frozen movie Easter Eggs really couldn’t have been complete without a reference to those three little words. Early on in the movie Chief Bogo lectures Judy and tells here that life isn’t a cartoon musical where her insipid dreams will come true. He then tells her to “Let It Go”.

This isn’t the only Let It Go reference in the movie. When Judy is scrolling through her songs on her playlist you will see the title Let It Goat.


Look closely to the left of the donut and you will see Hans Bakery. Yest another reference to a character from Frozen in Zootopia.

Did you spot all of the Frozen Easter Egg references in Zootopia?

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