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Zootopia Cake Toppers

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Are you looking for Zootopia Cake Toppers? We all know that the big thing right now is Zootopia and if you want a great Zootopia party for your little one you really do need some great ideas for Zootopia cake toppers.

Zootopia cake toppers are a great way to very easily make a party into a Zootopia party. Every birthday party needs a cake, and you can transform something very simple into a cshow sttopping Zootopia cake or collection of cupcakes with some very inexpensive Zootopia cake toppers.

A good start is this very good value set of 13 Zootopia cake toppers. After the party you can even use them for party favors, for an amazing value set. Or just let the birthday boy and girl have the whole set of 13 Zootopia character.

We confess we are not that great at making birthday or celebration cakes but all you really need to do is make or buy a very basic cake and add these Zootopia cake toppers, and everyone is impressed!

Another really good idea is to make basic cupcakes for the party. If you display them all together with these cake toppers it is an really inexpensive way to get the Zootopia birthday themed cake.

Disney Zootopia Deluxe Mini Cake Toppers Cupcake Decorations Set of 13 Figures with Officer Judy Hopps, Nicke Wilde Fox, Cheif Bogo, Duke Weaselton and Much More!

If you want to decorate a large cake with a Zootopia theme this set may be interesting as it contains more of a whole sense of the movie rather than just the characters.

This is a 19 piece set which has all of your favorite Zootopia characters to decorate a cake for a birthday or celebration, but it also has some buildings from the movie so that you ca create a different look to your cake.

However you choose to decorate your Zootopia birthday party or celebration cake we hope you have an amazing Zootopia party!

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