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Disneyland Big Thunder Mountain Now Open

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Disneyland Big Thunder Mountain

It is great news that Disneyland Big Thunder Mountain has now reopened after what seemed like a very long refurbishment. Big Thunder Mountain is one of our favorite rides and it has been difficult to keep seeing it, but not being able to ride on it!

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Big Thunder Mountain was closed for 14 months for a major refurbishment so we are looking forward to riding it again very soon. The upgrades have kept the ride exactly the same but have enhanced what was there already, and added a few new features.

Almost half a mile of track has been replaced. Thankfully this will mean that the ride is much smoother than it was. The only problem we found with riding the old version was that it was just getting too bumpy, so we are looking forward to the new version.

We are looking forward to the new enhanced effects too. The technology has improved so much that it is always good to see a Disney classic ride enhanced by the things which are available to the Imagineers now.

Big Thunder Mountain is such a fun ride and as with most Disney rides the back story makes it very special so it is good to see that the audio effects have been enhanced too.

No one at Disneyland is saying how much the Big Thunder Mountain refurbishment cost but it is being estimated that it cost at least $4 million.

We will report back on what we think of the Big Thunder Mountain refurbishment when we visit in a couple of weeks time.

Have you experienced the refurbished Disneyland Big Thunder Mountain?

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