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Disneyland Single Rider Lines

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One of the best ways of reducing time spent standing in line is to use the Disneyland Single Rider Lines. Using the Single Rider Line at Disneyland is one of the smartest things that you can do if you do not mind experiencing a ride without the rest of your party.

Disneyland Single Rider Lines


disneyland single rider lines.

So what are the Disneyland Single Rider Lines and how do you use it to save time? The idea is simple. You ride on the Disneyland attraction without your family or friends. You will be seated in a ride vehicle with another party.

The advantage of the Disneyland Single Rider Line is that you can seriously cut down your time in line.

It is very easy to use the Single Rider Line at Disneyland. In select attractions at the entrance to the ride, you will see a sign for Single Riders. You just join the line and wait.

You do not have to wait alone! All of your party can wait with you and participate as Single Riders.

You will not be seated together on the attraction though. The Cast Members are looking to seat one guest at a time from the Single Rider Line.

disneyland single rider line

Don’t join the Single Rider Line thinking that you will get lucky and be seated together. You won’t.

A Single Rider Line at Disneyland can save you serious amounts of time waiting. Often the line for Radiator Springs Racers is 120 minutes or even longer. You can cut that down to less than 30 minutes in the Single Rider Line.

Which Disneyland and California Adventure Rides Have A Single Rider Line?

Indiana Jones Adventure
Radiator Springs Racers
Splash Mountain

Matterhorn Bobsleds

Millenium Falcon: Smugglers Run

Space Mountain
California Screamin’
Goofy’s Sky School
Grizzly River Run

Star Tours – The Adventure Continues

All of these Disneyland attractions have Single Rider Lines. However, we think that some of them are preferable to others. Some save you more time.

Others we don’t like the Single Rider Line as a big part of the appeal of the attraction is experiencing it with family and friends.

Radiator Springs Racers Single Rider Line

Radiator Springs Racers always has long wait times. Unless you get into the park early as a Disneyland Resort guest you are looking at wait times which are usually a minimum of 60 minutes and can easily rise to 120 minutes.

We don’t think that 2 hours in a line for anything is much fun. The Radiator Springs line always seems so much longer in the stand by line than it ought to be.

A big part of the reason is the popularity of the Fast Pass for Radiator Springs Racers. There are always a lot of people in the Fast Pass Line so the stand by line moves incredibly slowly.

Therefore, the Single Rider Line for Radiator Springs Racers is a great option if you want to save time.

The downside of using Single Rider Line is that you will not be with your party. We think that if you are riding for the first time you should not use Single Rider for Radiator Springs as it is better as a shared experience. However, if you have already been on the ride go back as a Single Rider to save time.

Indiana Jones Adventure Single Rider Line

Indiana Jones Adventure

We think that the Indiana Jones Adventure is one of the best Single Rider options. The ride is dark and fast-moving.

The line for the Indiana Jones Adventure is usually at a minimum of a 45-minute wait, and often it can be a lot longer than that.

So most of the time you have no particular sense that you are experiencing this with other family or friends. If you want to save time this Single Rider Line is a good pick.

Soarin Over the World Single Rider Line

Soarin’ Over The World unfortunately no longer has a  Single Rider Line option. This is unfortunate as this was one we used to recommend as a single rider as you have little sense of the people next to you.

The only way to save time in line now at Soarin’ Over the World is to get a Fast Pass or to ride very early or later on in the day.

Splash Mountain Single Rider Line

Splash Mountain

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One which we don’t ever do as a Single Rider is Splash Mountain. A lot of the appeal of this ride is from the shared experience. It is a long ride and you have to sit pretty close to your fellow guests! The lines to Splash Mountain can be long but we suggest getting a Fast Pass rather than using Single Rider.

California Screamin’ Single Rider Line cuts down the time spent in line. However, California Screamin’ is a very efficient and fast loading ride. You rarely see wait times of 60 minutes. This one really depends upon your personal preference.

We would use this for California Screamin’ if the wait times are over 45 minutes. Otherwise, we would prefer to experience California Screamin’ with someone we know next to us!

Goofy's Sky School

We have to confess that Goofy’s Sky School is one of our least favorite Disneyland rides. The lines can get pretty long though so the Single Rider option can be a good move.

Disney Grizzly River Run Single Rider

Grizzly River Run in Disney’s California Adventure is one which we really prefer not to use the Single Rider Line. So much of the fun of the ride is a shared experience of getting completely soaked to the skin.

In hot weather, the lines can be long but we really prefer to get a Fast Pass.

Space Mountain Single Rider Line


The Space Mountain single rider line can save you a whole lot of time. The Space Mountain attraction is very popular at all times of the year and seems to be even more so when it is re-themed as Hyperspace Mountain.

Space Mountain at Disneyland is one of those rides which consistently has wait time between 60 and 120 minutes. A good way to save a lot of time is to use the Disneyland Space Mountain Single Rider option. This will cut down your time spent waiting in line considerably.

Star Tours – The Adventure Continues Single Rider Line

Star Tours has always been a popular ride. At busy times wait times of more than 90 minutes can be experienced at Star Tours.

However, things may be changing. Our recent experiences since Galaxy’s Edge has opened at Disneyland is that the wait times for Star Tours have pretty much disappeared.

We have experienced 5 minute wait times for Star Tours on many visits to Disneyland since the opening of the new, phenomenal Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. Does Star Tours suddenly seem outdated so guests don’t want to ride?

It sure seems so right now, but things will probably pick up again for Star Tours. It seems like the ignored older brother right now!

So, even though there is a Single Rider Line for Star Tours at Disneyland, right now you probably won’t need to use it. You can pretty much walk onto Star Tours at the moment, but if this changes you can always go back to the Single Rider Line option.

Matterhorn Bobsleds



Due to its slow loading nature, the Matterhorn Bobsleds never seems to have a wait of anything less than 45 minutes, even on days where other attractions are around 15 minutes wait. So it is always worth considering a single rider line.


Incredicoaster Single Rider


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This is one of the most useful of the Single Rider lines in Disney’s California Adventure Park. You won’t have much of a wait for the Incredicoaster if you are prepared to use the Single Rider option.

This is one of those rides though that you may really want to experience with someone you know, at least for the first few times you ride the attraction.

After that, because it is so fast-moving it is one which it is fine to enjoy by yourself as you can’t exactly interact with the person sitting next to you anyway!

Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run Single Rider Line

Right now the Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run ride is the most sought after attraction in Disneyland. Located in the brand new Galaxy’s Edge part of Disneyland, it is understandably very popular. Who can resist the chance to pilot Hans Solo’s infamous ship?

Thankfully there is a single rider line for Millenium Falcon. However, we would really recommend not using it until you have experienced the ride at least a couple of times with family and friends.

Why? Simply because it should be a shared experience until you get used to the ride. As with many Disneyland attractions, half the fun is seeing the reaction of others and the shared experience of the ride. This is certainly so with Smugglers Run.

Do you use the Single Rider Line at Disneyland?