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Disneyland Star Wars Season of the Force

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Star Wars fans who can’t wait for the opening of Star Wars Land in Disneyland can console themselves a little with a visit to the Star Wars Season of the Force in Disneyland park.

Put it out!!!!

Star Tours has long been one of the favorite attractions in the Disney Parks. It got it’s long awaited upgrade in 2011 with the addition of 50 new possible story combinations. Whilst we always seem to get pretty similar combinations, they update was more than welcome. The Season of the Force added more variations which keep us guessing as to which of the combinations we will get next. We haven’t seen them all yet, but we are getting there.

Hyper Space Mountain is another great update of a classic Disney ride. Guests get a ride in an X Wing Fighter – well the re imagined Space Mountain ride vehicle anyway.

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Jedi Training is still a whole lot of fun, particularly if you have a young child who wants to participate. If they want to get picked it helps to be wearing some kind of Star Wars themed clothing.Jumping up and down and being generally enthusiastic seems to help a lot too. Younglings get the chance to learn some light saber skills from a Jedi Master.

The Star Wars Launch Bay has an interesting collection of props and memorabilia from the movies including the new Force Awakens. You will see things from the classic movies as well.

Star Traders seems to have got a lot more interesting in recent years with a wider variety of Star Wars themed items for sale. When you exit Star Tours you empty out into a fairly small and often very crowded area which has the build your own light saber. The larger area has a great collection of shirts and clothing items.

One of our favorite elements of Star Wars in Disneyland is when you see the Storm Troopers walking through Tomorrowland. It’s a simple touch, but somehow seeing those intimidating figures right in the middle of all the Disney tourists adds to the fun.

Have you visited Disneyland Star Wars Seasons of the Force?