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Don Ducky Williams On Disney Fantasy Cruise

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Ducky Williams

We were lucky enough to be able to meet Don “Ducky” Williams on our Disney Fantasy cruise. Ducky has worked as a Walt Disney World illustrator for over 30 years.

Ducky Williams is a regular guest on Disney Cruise lines. This was his 78th Disney cruise! He jokes that he was in the navy for 4 years but never seen a ship but sailed many times with Disney.

We were in for a treat with Ducky Williams presentation which outlines the very lengthy process of his road to employment with Disney. His story is one of the most inspiring I have heard and for anyone interested here is a recording of his presentation.

Ducky Williams used to be in the art department of Walt Disney World when it was a group of 16 people. Sadly now his department is just him. He is the only employee remaining and is responsible for the marketing and advertising art work for Disney Cruise Lines, Disney Vacation Club and Disney Parks.

During our presentation he drew 19 characters in about one hour. He is a joy to watch and just makes something so difficult look so easy. There was a raffle for those pictures and inspire of the fact that we wished very hard, we didn’t win one!

We saw Ducky often in the hallway as his stateroom was close to ours. He always had a very cheerful hello for us and often admired my son’s varied collection of Disney shirts.

Elsa Drawing

The highlight for us was at the signing which he hosted on the last evening of the cruise. He was available for autographs and my eldest son and daughter asked him to sign one of their pictures. He was very inspiring and they will always remember the words of encouragement that he gave them.

Since we returned from the cruise my son has drawn every day. One of the things which I love about Disney is the very positive way that it has inspired my children to follow their own dreams. A huge thank you to Ducky Williams for inspiring so many people to persevere and follow their dream.

Have you ever met Ducky Williams?

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