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Disney’s Frozen Wins Best Animated Feature and Best Original Song Academy Awards

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Disney Frozen Academy Award

Just as we had hoped Disney’s Frozen won Best Animated Feature and Best Original Song at the 2014 Academy Awards. This is Walt Disney Animation Studios first Best Animated Movie Academy Award since the category was introduced in 2002. The Best Animated Feature award category has been dominated by Pixar in the past with a record 7 wins.

The well deserved success of this amazing movie is not the main topic of conversation this morning though. John Travolta’s startling blunder in introducing Idina Menzel and totally getting her name wrong is the talk of the internet. Travolta introduced her as Adele Dazeem. Obviously not a Frozen fan!

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Many have criticized Idina Mendels performance of Let It Go at last night’s Oscar ceremony. I think she did an amazing job in very difficult circumstances. She was noticeably very nervous, and yes that final not in the line “Let The Storm Rage On’ was pretty bad. It would seem that she had to speed up the performance and obviously it wasn’t a great start to be introduced by the wrong name.

My take on it is stop criticizing Idina Menzel’s performance and enjoy the fact that Frozen won 2 very well deserved Academy Awards.

What did you think of Idina Menzel’s performance?

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