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Epcot France Pavilion To Get a Makeover

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One of our very favorite Epcot World Showcase Pavilions is to experience a makeover.

Epcot France will experience big changes to the Bistro de Paris, the upscale restaurant on the first floor of the Pavilion.

Changes are coming also to the Boulangerie Patisserie bakery and pastry shop.

There are 2 restaurants in the Epcot France Pavilion.

The informal downstairs Chefs de France will continue in its present form but the formal upstairs restaurant Bistro de Paris will be updated.

We are glad to hear of these changes – it is quite a while since we dined there as although in theory, it is fine to take children there, we really didn’t particularly want to.

Whilst we love formal sometimes, it just never seemed to quite fit in the context of the Epcot experience for us.

Everything is changing in Epcot Bistro de Paris. There will be a new name, new decor, new costumes for the servers, and of course, a new menu.

The Chef was brought in a year ago from a Michelin 3 Star restaurant so you can be sure that the menu and food will be of the highest quality.

Another major change will be to the bakery.

This is one of our favorite snack places in Epcot but the lines are always so long (and we have to say that the service is often not that friendly either)!

But we will tolerate anything to sample the fabulous desserts inside. We are told that this will now become the Glacier ice cream parlor.

A new bakery is to be built in the existing exit area from the theater.

This has been an underused area for as long as we can remember, with a lot of open space, some limited seating, and a relatively small selection of goods.

Hopefully the changes will provide a much better place to sit down and enjoy a quick French treat.

They are expanding the menu to include salads and sandwiches, and the new seating area will provide seats for 90 guests.

One thing we would love to see in the French Pavilion. Decent coffee!

That the French people are made to service the appalling tasteless brand they presently serve in the bakery may be the reason why some of them are not so cheerful! Let’s get a decent coffee maker in the new bakery. Please!

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