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Epcot Height Requirements What You Need to Know

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What are the Epcot height requirements? Some of the Epcot rides have a minimum height requirement.

Here is a complete guide of all the Epcot ride height requirements so that you can know which of the kids are going to be able to ride!

Epcot Ride Height Requirements


All of the Walt Disney World theme parks have some rides and attractions which have height requirements. Some of the Epcot rides have height requirements, but others are open to everyone to ride.

Usually, height requirements at Disney World range from between 36 to 48 inches. In fact, right now there is only one Walt Disney World attraction with a 48-inch height requirement. This is Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Height requirements are set for safety reasons.

This is the reason why the Disney World Cast Members have to be very careful that they do not allow you on the ride if you don’t meet the height requirement.

There aren’t trying to ruin your day because your 5-year-old had set his heart on going on Test Track but just isn’t quite tall enough!

epcot height requirements guide

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At the entrance to every ride, there will be a measuring stick. You can use this to see if your child is the right height.

As you approach the ride if you have someone who looks as though they might not be tall enough for the ride, a Cast Member will stop you and ask them to stand to be measured.

Believe me, Cast Members do know the tricks that people try if your child is not quite tall enough, but almost! Putting your little Princesses’ hair in a bun or forcing your child to wear those shoes with the thicker heels just isn’t going to cut it!

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Just because your child is tall enough to experience the ride, doesn’t mean that you necessarily ought to take them on to the ride.

The rides at Disney World with height restrictions tend to be the ones that are the most intense. Make sure that you have a good idea of what the ride entails if you are taking a child with you.

Below we will let you know not only the height requirements but also something about the Epcot ride so that you can think about whether your child is likely to enjoy the attraction.

Epcot Soarin Height Requirements

space ship earth height requirements

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Epcot Soarin’ Around the World has a height requirement of 40 inches.

Soarin’ is quite a difficult ride to describe! This Epcot ride creates the feeling of flying over some of the most recognizable landmarks in the World.

You will be seated in one of 3 rows. The ride vehicle is unlike any other. It is a huge structure that houses swinging chairs. There is a lap belt to keep you safely buckled in.

If your child reaches the height requirement but doesn’t reach the red line on the seat, there is a loop that goes around the belt.

The whole structure lifts up in front of huge Imax screens. The Soarin’ Around the World experience takes you to all those places you want to see. The Taj Mahal, The Matterhorn, and the Great Wall of China.

My favorite part is the Eiffel Tower. Having seen the real one in Paris I can assure you that it doesn’t lean over and bend like the one in Soarin’ does!

The best seats in the house for Soarin’? Ask a Cast Member if you can be seated in B1.

This is in the middle so you do not get the distortion from the sides you do in some seats. Also being on the top row means other people’s feet dangling down don’t spoil your view!

Will you enjoy Soarin’? It is one of the most innovative attractions in Walt Disney World.

However, if you or your child do not like heights, this isn’t the place to be.

Epcot Test Track Height Restriction

epcot tests track height requirements

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The Epcot Test Track height requirement is 40 inches.

This one I would recommend for all ages. It’s thrilling without being scary.

There are seat belts for everyone and the ride vehicle takes 6 people in 2 rows of 3.

The outer seats will probably be better for a smaller child as it is difficult to see out of the front window. This is particularly true in the second row.

The idea is that you are in a test vehicle and will experience some typical scenarios to test things like brakes and steering. The part everyone looks forward to is the end where the ride vehicle accelerates around a loop up to 60 miles per hour.


Epcot Mission Space Height Requirements

epcot mission space height requirements

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Epcot Mission Space is the only Disney World ride that provides vomit bags at every seat! Perhaps the most overlooked of all the Epcot attractions, Mission Space is a motion simulator that takes its passengers on a Mission to Mars.

There are four riders in each ride vehicle on Mission Space. Each person is assigned their own role. You are either a Commander, Navigator, Pilot, or Engineer.

It really doesn’t matter which one you get. All you need to do is listen out when to push buttons at a certain time according to your role.

The interactive part is fun but not essential. You will still get back to Earth unscathed!

epcot child height requirements

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The thing to know about Epcot Mission Space is that the ride vehicle is small. Very small. If you think you may get motion sickness or claustrophobia this is a ride you should avoid. So should your children even if they do meet the Mission Space height requirement.

Riders experience up to 2.5 G Force. However, that is the fun of it for most people.

There are now two versions of the ride. Green and Orange. Epcot Mission Space Green has a height requirement of 40 inches and Mission Space Orange is 44 inches.

Why two versions? In the early years after the ride was first launched a number of people became sick whilst experiencing Mission Space. Hence the vomit bags!

Disney, therefore, introduced the less intense Mission Space Green ride which doesn’t spin so doesn’t have the same G Force Experience.

Our advice is that if your child meets the height requirement try them first on Green. Then see how you feel about braving Mission Space Orange!

Epcot Guardians of the Galaxy Height Restrictions

epcotguardiansofthegalaxy height requirements

Marvel and Disney Concept Art

We know we are guessing about this one since the Guardians of the Galaxy ride is not due to open in Epcot until 2022.

Not much is yet known about the Epcot Guardians of the Galaxy ride except that it will be a family roller coaster with some innovative features. We also know that it will be one of the longest indoor roller coaster attractions in the World.

epcotguardiansofthegalaxyridevehicle height requirements

A look at the ride vehicle for the new Guardians of the Galaxy ride doesn’t give us too much of a clue either. Our guess would be that the height requirement will be 40 inches as it will use a lap belt. Complete speculation though until we get more details.

Epcot Ratatouille Ride

epcotratatoiulle height requirements

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We know a little more about the Epcot Ratatouille ride as it will be closely based upon the design of Ratatouille: The Adventure which is already in Disneyland Paris.

This is a fun ride for all the family and has no height restrictions in Paris – so we would expect the same for Epcot.

Riders board their vehicle to be taken on a journey through Remy’s culinary world. It is a lot of fun and is expected to arrive in Epcot in Ocotober 2021.

What if Your Child Doesn’t Meet the Height Requirement?

height requirements for epcot

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Now you know all the height restrictions in Epcot, but what do you do if your child doesn’t meet them?

The first thing to do is to set the expectation for your little one. If they have set their heart on riding Test Track but they are one inch shorter than they need to be, explain to them that they won’t be able to ride. They will get over it.

Don’t tell them you will buy a pair of thick-soled shoes and hope for the best. The Cast Members have seen this before and it doesn’t work!

If you still want to ride the attraction your best option is to use Rider Switch.

What is Rider Switch?

Epcot rider switch

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Commonly known as “Child Swap” this is a very useful way that one of you can look after the children, whilst the other rides the attraction. You do not have to stand in line twice.

One of you can wait with your child or other non-riding people in the group whilst the others ride. When the first party has experienced the attraction, you simply switch. The second party can ride the attraction without standing in line again.

There will be a separate waiting area for Rider Switch. This provides a welcome place to sit down in the air conditioning!

You simply approach the Cast Member at the entrance to the ride and say that you want to participate in a Rider Switch. They will give you a card which the second party can use to go back into the line without standing in the regular line.

In Epcot Mission Space, Test Track, and Soarin’ all have Rider Switch. Frozen Ever After also has Rider Switch even though it does not have a height requirement. The ride is dark though and can be scary for some children.

We would expect that Epcot Guardians of the Galaxy and the new Ratatouille ride will also have Rider Switch.

Which of the Epcot rides are you going to enjoy first?