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Disney Wish Marceline Market Buffet

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Ever since we started getting the first details through about the Disney Wish people have been speculating about whether or not the new ship would have a Cabanas Buffet.

All of the other four Disney ships have a Cabanas buffet located on the pool deck.

However, the news is that the concept is going to be different on the Disney Wish! Cabanas will not be on the new ship, but a new casual dining experience will be.

disney wish marcelin market

The Marceline Market casual dining restaurant will be a stylish casual dining location on the Disney Wish.

The name pays homage to Walt Disney’s early childhood hometown in Missouri.

The concept art shows the design looking more contemporary and dare we say, much more stylish than Cabanas on the other Disney ships.

It’s more European coffee ship than Caribbean casual, but I really love the new direction and updated concept.

Marceline Market will be open for casual dining for breakfast and lunch. In the evening there will be table service for dinner.

Disney Cruise Lines hasn’t actually confirmed whether or not it will be a traditional buffet location. Right now it is likely that they simply don’t know whether or not they will offer a self-service buffet as we know it. Maybe not. All cruise lines are having to face this decision right now. Disney Wish has almost another year to formulate a plan for this.

What seems certain is that it will be a buffet concept. The only decision to make it whether or not you will be served or can actually pick up your own spoon! Not really that big of a deal.

There will be 10 distinct food station locations in Marceline Market. Some will be themed around classic Disney movies such as Tangled, Alice in Wonderland, Zootopia, and Ratatouille.

We have been told that the local proprietors will be the characters themselves! Does this mean that Judy Hopps is going to serve you a salad? Is Alice going to be passing out tea and sandwiches? I can’t wait to find out!

There will be a huge choice of different options such as American classics, international specialties, comfort foods, seafood, soups and salads, vegetarian and plant-based fare, baked goods, and desserts. I am sure there will still be a huge opportunity for putting on the pounds on a Disney Cruise!

What we can see about the design so far is that it is open with plenty of seating. As we know from other ship designs and also to be honest the Disney Wonder and Magic, if you have your buffet in a line you can’t get out of, this means you stand in line for a long time. Human nature is to stand in a line unless you are given a buffet design that encourages you to move!

This is the idea of having separate stations. So you only visit the ones you actually want to eat from – and you spend much less time waiting in line for food.

Marceline Market Bar

I love the design of the cafe-inspired bar which is central to the design of Marceline Market.

There will also be a lot more casual dining options outside on the pool deck – much like the options on the other Disney ships, but with a few extras.

The Mickey and Friends Festival of Foods will be a wonderful place to grab a quick breakfast, lunch, or snack at any time of the day.

The Disney Wish will have DCL’s first Mexican counter service venue as well as a new BBQ eatery.

You will also find Mickey’s Smokestack Barbecue, Donald’s Cantina, Daisy’s Pizza Pies, Goofy’s Grill, and Sweet Minnie’s Ice Cream.

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